Tuesday, December 7, 2010

With or without lid?..that is the question!

Decided to iron all the pieces of silk, cotton, canvas and muslin l have dyed lately and l had not realised l had produced soooooooooooo much. So now l am starting to divide pieces up to "create"with them. I also ironed the 6 pieces of watercolour paper l had dyed and they came up really well too. I discovered that once the pieces are ironed the leave patteren comes out really well. In fact, some pieces were amazing once ironed, that before l had thought l might dye again.
After much reading and talking to other Eco dyers, l decided l would steam my bundles covered with water and with no lid on ( the way most people seem to be doing it)....to see how different the outcome might be to the way l have been doing it.  That is to say, steaming in a basket with holes in "over " simmering water (not in water) and a lid on......l await the outcome with much excitment!


  1. I am totally WOWed by your dyeing experiments Lynda...seems like I may have said that already?

    It will be great to see what you create with these amazing pieces...you must be so pleased with the results!

  2. Thank you for such nice commentsxx l am pleased with the results so far and when l have worked out what l am going to make with them...l will let you knowxxlynda