Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bye boots and other stuff!

I love these boots but the other day while wearing them..disaster stuck! I got a very wet foot. Had the snow gone over the top of my boot or...oh no!..had they a hole in them? We decided to put them in a basin of water to find out....this boot was soaking inside but we couldn't see the hole! So tony...event as ever... had the great idea of filling boot with water and blowing into boot. Result!
 Result yes but not the one l wanted. The boot had a small hole and 2 long slash cuts on it. How? I have no idea but that meant they had to be thrown away, as to difficult to mendand be genuinely waterproof again.
But my "don't throw away but use" approach came to the fore!!!! If l had a garden they would have become flower pots but l don't..... Sorry Dayna, can't afford the postage to the States!Ha
 So l decided to cut the tops off and keep them for a"Future Art" project. You should have heard Tony groan!Hax

 I have finish one of my small wall hangings for the Aunt of my Daughter-in-law, for Christmas and here   it is.

I have also started to embroider my first Eco dyed fabric..and really enjoying it. Will show the finished result tomorrow. Oh forgot to mention....the threads are dyed by me too!

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