Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No 3 of 15 Robin Robin Journal books!

I have just finished and will post tomorrow, the next round of my 15 month Round Robin Journal. This book was called "Heavenly Garden" and was the third of 15 books! I am having fun but it has taken a while, to get used to working in someone elses book. What if l make a mistake and spoil their book?... what if l drop coffee on it and ruin it?.... what if.........nerve racking!ha.
The image below is my version of "Heavenly Garden".

Monday, August 30, 2010

A visit to the National History Museum

I spent Saturday afternoon, in the National  History Museum in London. What an amazing place to see ideas for my Art!! So many ideas..here are some of the things that caught my eye......they will appear some where in my Art at a later date!!

So much colour and such wonderful shapes.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

More journal work..l am on a roll guys!

Did some more work on my green/yellow "Sensation" (left hand-side) spread. A piece of Indian red cardstock with raised gold spots on it for more "touch" sensations. Today, my very good friend Dayna (http://alleyartstudio.blogspot.com/) sent me a wonderful paper braille book. Thanks Dayna xxx. I am going to be 'Altering" the actual book, but took a center page out to play with.
This is the piece of braille page l talked about above. Have you ever tried to feel what it would be like to  read this?....believe me..it is NOT easy. You must develop very sensitive finger tips.
I have been really busy where my journal pages are concerned..SO many ideas. This next spread is purple! Lots of layers so far but not sure where it is going yet. At 3am this morning l didn't like what l had created, it felt disjointed and messy; now...l rather like where it is leading me!
The left-hand page is starting off with the newspaper that l used to keep the other page clean! l ripped this newspaper page up and arranged it haphazardly and glued them in place.  I rather like the way the word "miss" stands out!  Where next?...who knows?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some work on my Journal Spreads!

To-day l will show you the two page spread on the yellow pages l have created and the beginning of my green double spread! Really enjoyed myself doing these.
Ok.....to begin with paint with yellow and red acrylic and a few bits of elderly storybook pages.

Then l added two sorts of ABC stencils...sat back and looked at it.... had a coffee, looked some more and then added stencil people. Another coffee break!
Looking at this image for some resaon reminded Tony and me of Second World War images..not sure why. Suddenly realised l need a clock, one that was broken, and part of a cobweb stencil!!! Sometimes l wonder where these ideas come from..they just seem to "be there" in my mind!! Not complaining you understand! Now... it's finished. Finished page with the mess of my Art table surrounding it!!! not a tidy Artist l'm afraid!!!!
The second page of this double page spread. I felt l wanted to do something to do with Nature.
I drew some circles which reminded me of rain and flowers. Um..where to go next?
I drew some flower shapes, painted them gold and then remembered l had some suede flowers somewhere in my messy studio!! I affixed these by using decorative flower brads. Then l made some wire flower shapes, paper underneath and hey presto..flowers! Added some clear plastic, flower circles. Made some leaves out of "pretend" suede wallpaper ( samples from a wall paper shop) and added a few squiggles. Something missing...coffee break need. Ah...a stick on card with words to do with Nature on it, stuck at bottom on left hand-side of page. Finished!
I am now on to my double spread page in green and yellow! Working on the left-hand side of the spread. I used a circle stencil and used a silver, oil stick to make the pattern. This side of the page, the circles look as if they are sitting on the page, rather than sinking into the paint, as on the other side.
Here l think you can see what l mean, about sitting on the paint.
I felt l wanted another texture on some of the page. So l used a piece of soft, net like paper from a flower bouquet! Then, on to that l stencilled the words FEEL, HEAR and TASTE. The word FEEL, has a piece of card next to it from a tablet box. On this box there is some braille = touch!
A close up of this area will, l think,  show you the Braille dots! Not sure where l am going next. For the first time for a long time, seem to be going with my feelings rather than thinking about it before l start!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Ruby Tueday images for 23.08.2010


Saw this pole while out in the mini yesterday!Not sure what it is exactly, maybe an electric sign post?
My daughter-in-law's first attemp at jam making.
Dying some white cotton material with a stitched flower on it, in blackberries, which l picked that evening! Very pleased with the end results.

One of my silk painted cards.
My son working on his beloved Land Rover, while wearing his red socks!
The last image is of a bus stop in Clapham...the usual ethnic mix in London.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A quick question...then my Art!

Question..why do l blog my Art? If nobody sees my work, does it matter and if it does..why? I have been asking myself this question quite a bit lately? So why do l want people to go to my blog and see my Art, mainly because l am going back to trying to sell my work once again.  When l have sold my work before, it has been in other countries and started by word of mouth and then into many galleries. Twelve years or so ago, after l had been back a while, l went to quite a few Art Galleries and card shops and was trashed! First of all, trying to get to see gallery owners was hard work and then when they considered my work  called it "Craft" and not Art..not worth showing. After being in a situation where l was considered a talented Artist and not being able to produce my work quick enough for all the clients that wanted my creations, l was confused and upset at their attitude!
My ego was bruised l suppose and l was very down and depressed. I should have worked hard, l now realise but at the time l was to bruised and upset, to carry on. Also, l didn't have a group of Artist friends around me, to support me, which all artists know, is very important.  I am not feeling sorry for myself,  honestly!!...just trying to sort out how l feel about starting to sell my work again!
So ..what is my answer..why do l blog my Art? These are my answers, so far. I blog my Art to help me keep making Art, to see my work from a distance, as others see it and also it helps me to keep a record of my Art and how l create it. If no-one sees what l am doing, that's ok but if l want to sell my Art...things have to change! End of thought process!!
I did some more work on my green journal page last night, when l had a few mins to spare. I used a stencil and made circle patterns, using an oil stick in the colour of silver. I discovered that the oil sticks can be used and spread for a long time...while it dries. Had a lot of fun and discovered so much more about oil sticks and keep on learning ..amazing Art medium.
The first image is the double spread before l put the oil stick pattern .

This is the double spread with the oil stick on it.
I found it very interesting that the oil stick on the left hand side of the page...showed up much more on this page, l suppose it is because it is lighter and not so textured.
This the right hand side page...blends in more to page and appears more part of the image rather than just on top of it.
I am learning all the time..it is so much fun! Try it sometime my friends....xx

Friday, August 20, 2010

Silk painting, journalling and dying(!) all in one day!!

Wow..l had forgotten how much l enjoyed Silk Painting............There are many different weights of silk and quite a few brands of silk paints. So there is a lot of choice, to use iron set paints or steaming and so one.
First Stage: pin the silk to wooden frame ( actually a soft wood picture frame!)with 3 pronged pins. Always make sure the tension is correct and not too bouncy or too slack!Too tight( eg: to bouncy) and you get ridges across the silk, too loose and it sags in the centre.

Now..2nd stage:....let your imagination go wild!!
3rd stage.....Paint away with your silk paints..........l just LOVE colour!!
4th stage...shows the effect sea salt has on wet paint..then wiped off once enough pattern has formed to your liking.
5th stage...gutta used as decoration, all over finished piece.. in this case dots.....all that is left is to remove painting off frame, then set the silk painting by ironing or tumble dryer for 15mins!

Next fish image.
First stage of fish painting.
2nd stage of painting.......

3rd stage of painting with gutta used as decoration!... Then ironing to set.
When these painting are framed, they are backed onto white paper..why? The reason is the colours become more vibrant when backed on white. Really makes a huge difference!
I have had "Art over drive" at the moment..wish l was always like this! Depresstion is an awful thing but l will not let it control me, more than it already does.
Then next creative act, was starting a new journal....black card..so should be intersting! I painted first two double spreads. Firstly was this spread, l painted gesso on pages, when dried painted yellow and red acrylic paint and spread it with credit card!
Then glued pieces of old book print on to surface.

This is the 2nd spread. I didn't paint gesso on here first, went straight in with the yellow and green paint..still using the ever useful credit card! This spread has far more texture to it and some of the black page is peeping through.
Then the last peice of crafting l did last night was to experiment with some Organic tea, that l had received free in a magazine. I didn't like the smell but...it was orange/yellow in colour, so l thought..dying! One tea bag produces a very pale cream dye...so l wonder what quite a few would do...experimental time l think!!!!
Produced a nice cream colour though.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Silkpainting again

I have started Silkpainting again, thanks to my son. For various reasons, he has made me realise that l need to start selling again and he is going to be my Manager!!Ha.  As well as face to face selling, l am working out how to do my shop on line!  Something seems to have clicked in my mind and l am Silkpainting, Journalling, natural dying of fabrics and making transfers ( for transfers see earlier blogs)...really enjoying myself. You can see the results of my Silkpainting below, will show dying and journal work tomorrow. I have also shown some close-up individual cards. Hope you like them.

Getting ready to put in envolopes. If you look at the upper right-hand side, you will see some loose pieces of painted silk before they are put on the card.

As you can see...I LOVE COLOUR!!!!!