Thursday, December 31, 2009

The rogue mask!

I considered the images l take each as Art. If there are some of you out there that think differently to me..l am sorry but we could lways discuss it over a virtual cup of coffee! Anyway l just had to post todays image because it made me but also laugh. Once you have seen it, l will explain why.

I saw this on the pavement outside a Bank in Putney. At first l thought someone had made a mask and then dropped it.. Then looking more closely, realising that it was actually was a McDonald's bag. The rogue of fast food! Ha! This gave me an idea about using these bags to have a class on mask- making from Fast Food Bags for one of my children's sessions.. Um..have to think on that one. Could be a fun session. This also made me think l could make the masks and talk about healthy food ect at same time.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pear shaped!

At first l was doing this as a art project, then thought about my challenge...The Body...Some woman have a body shape called Pear Shaped!!! In other words big hips.


Name Tags with a difference!

I saw this idea for Place Settings on TV,  a couple of weeks ago and decided to have try. The pears on the programme were decorated with edible gold but my gold isn't edible! The main reason l chose not to use edible gold was it could cost £25 to do 8 pears!!!!.  So as much as l love my family...that is a little over the top for name tags for the table!! I used them for a Christmas Day Table Dressing but they could be used for any celebration.
The pears l used, were not perfect and a bit past their prime but great if you only need them for a day or two. If you want to do them days before hand, then use hard pears. Firstly, l coated the area l wanted to gild with gold, in egg white, using a pastry bush or paintbrush, Then carefully layer the gold on, pressing it gently against the pear and lift off backing paper. Then leave to dry. The labels can be anything which can go over the stalk or tied to the stalk. So simple but when all together on the table, looked stunning and so easy to make.!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday 20th November 2009..Art Challenge!

I have been having a tough time trying to do my art. I have a lot of ideas but some how l can't get get it down on paper! But l will not give up trying, blocks only last so long!! In the mean time l write my ideas down and keep taking images! Todays images are two beautiful autumn leaves on interesting textured pavements.

Just love these two images and l have  many ideas of what l could do with them. Simply paint them, use the images to journal with, do some work on the actual images with Photoshop and lastly collage work. All l need to do now..IS JUST DO IT lynda!!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 19 of Art Every Day Challenge

I have been away for the last few days and found that l was so busy visiting family and friends and doing some counselling work...l have had no time or energy to do any art making. Although l have been taking loads of images, which l will use in my art in the next few weeks.
One of the themes l am looking at is buildings. London is so full of amazing architecture, old and modern. I have so ideas of using these drawings in book form.

These are just a few of the many images l have taken for this project on buildings and book making l hope to start next week. Hopefully it won't be long before you see the end result! Fingers crossed. This making Art challenge has been sooooo good for me..l really am enjoying making art again.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

An image to go up on my wall.

Love this image and am going to blow it up large and put it into one of my light boxes. red and blue just amazing. Hope you like it.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 14 of Art Every Day Challenge

Today l was very busy trying to get my laptop mended and so had no time to paint but l did go past a Russian Orthodox Church l have been meaning to take some images for ages. Iuckily today the weather was just right. By that l mean, the rain had stopped, the sky was blue but also had dramatic cloud scapes. The dome needed a dramatic back drop to help it to stand out. When you see the image, l hope you will understand what l mean.

L REALLY love this dome. Would look great in gold gutta and silk paints..l feel a project coming on! Good night all!

Friday, November 13, 2009

FRIDAY 13th NOVEMBER 2009!!!!!

This is today's Art Challenge Piece. Earlier in the challenge, l did a pencil sketch entitled "Grumpy Fish". Here is the finished piece and an image of my workspace. I am quite pleased with it actually, for quite a few reasons.  Firstly, I have found it quite hard to get back to my silk painting, and then lcame back to Britain, l took my work to several galleries and was turned away because they were not ART but CRAFT!..I had just spent the last three years painting and selling my work in the Bahamas and couldn't keep up with the demand. I made the mistake of letting a couple of "snooty" gallery owners to decide the future of my Art! BIG mistake. Anyway l am back... on track ..... and ready to fight for my Art. Hope you like this piecex

For once my work table is quite tidy!!

This how the silk is stretched and  pinned to the frame. The pins have three spokes and are easy to use. The frame l have used is a soft wood picture frame, which l don't need any more. A LOT cheaper than the silk frames you buy in shops but just as good in my view.

The finished piece. When working, looking at or framing your work ALWAYS back it onto white paper or a white surface, as this brings the "brilliance" out of the colours.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 11 of The Art Challenge.

Today is the 11.11.09..a day to still wear our poppy! Remembrance Day.

My Art challenge for today was playing around with an image l had taken awhile ago, of  the artist Anthony Gormley's figures. They were placed all over London on roof tops. The police were not very happy at the start, as so many people kept ringing them up about people about to commit suicide by jumping off roof tops!

This is  an image of a building on the South bank in London beside the River Thames. The sculpture is a life size cast of the artist himself.  If you would like to see this artists work..which l highly recommened...this is his web page.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 8 of Art Every Day Challenge

Today l am showing you part of an image from a silkpainting which is to do with families and children. Hope you like it.

I am so greatful for finding these art has really made me think more about my art and produce more than l have done for years. Also looking at everyone elses work has given me such inspiration and my goodness there are some amazing artists out there. you should all very very proud of yourselvesxx Here is a BIG hug for you allx lynda

Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 6 of Art Every Day Challenge

I am sorry but the machine seems to refuse to order this piece sorry if it is all over the place. I have tried 5 times and so l have now given up and left it as it is!!

Day 6...l am so enjoying this challenge. l really have been thinking about my art more and actually doing more!! So it is working! l am so glad l took the leap and decided to do these two challenges.
Below are the images l drew today in my sketch bk, which will be used for my silk painting pictures, cards and quilts. I just felt SOOOOOOOOOOO creative today. Can't wait till l start using these for my images tomorrow. I have added some colour into the writing because these............................. images are normally SO colourful, l hate to see just black and white drawing!!!silly but thats me!!.


I have no idea where the names for the sketchs come from...they just seem to pop into my head.
Sometimes l don't agree with my first choose but l try and stick with the first name as that is normally the one l end up with!
The first image is called Grumpy Fish. All my silkpainting is usually VERY bright and colouful. Hopefully over the weekend, some of these following images will be in on full colour!
The next image is called Singing Fish Master...why l have no idea except
that is the name that came into my mind, as l drew it!
This image is called Waiting?...For...?As l said idea why, except l rather like the tittle.Perhaps the fish are waiting to be feed because they are in a bowl or maybe they are waiting for the next wave!?

The next image is called Dance of the Jellyfish
I have just realised as l was typing that the fish in the right hand corner looks very angry..l wonder why?

This last image is called Trying to Catch A Star. It is the start of a series about my circle girl. If you look at the girl on the star, you will see what l mean. l had made a few of these dolls as actual dolls a few years ago. then l was quite miffted to see that dolls VERY similar to mine, were used in a advert on TV for Fabric softner!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 5 of Art Every Day Challenge

Day 5

Today l went back to working in my Art Journal. I was in a really happy up- beat mood today, so decided that l wanted a Happy page.... bright, words and objects. So ....decided to put some gold paper in to represent the wonderful sun that was out today in a cold November day. I wanted a heart in some form, as l talked to both my children today and they both told me they loved me and....take all this and make some art.  And here it is..........................................

The last three days "art everyday" challenge!

Hi everyone, l have been very lax at putting my daily art up here for the last 3 days, as l have been so busy. But l am proud of myself that l have at least attempted to produce something each day. As Leah says in todays ( day 5 ) survial guide. "Always have a camera in your hand for inspiration or to have a different view of the everyday!"  This something l do all the time, l am very rarely without my camera. It is my third eye...or so my friends have been heard to say!

Day 2 of Challenge
Anyway...I have been working in my  Art Journal everyday... just putting things together and see how they go. The first Challenge journal page is how l felt when l came back from a very crowded, noisy and very dirty tube train ride from central London!. All  l seemed to see were cig ends and rubbish and discarded rail/tube tickets all over the train and station. Here is my frustration worked out in art form!

I bought some of the cig ends home with me...yes l know not very" hygienic" but this is ART people! ha I aslo picket up the small charm you can see on the right handside of the page.Then l went and dug around in my "lost and found " box (or my family call it..mums rubbish bin!) and found some old tickets and got to work. When finished, l felt a lot better and no more feeling tired and frustrated. Isn't Art wonderful?

Day 3 of Challenge
Today is day three and l went for a walk in the woods this afternoon and found a skeleton leaf, and a feather and decided when l got home this would be the foundation of my journal page today. As it was almost dark by the time l got home, decided to have the background a beautiful blue/purple and work from there.

I was rather pleased with it actually!
Day 4 of Challenge
When l thought abought what l would do for todays "Bit of Art"..l thought silk painting. I am making a childrens alphabet quilt and P is for penguins. So this is todays art challenge piece.

My silk paintings are normally SO full of colours but this one being penguins and far more subdued!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This is the first day of my new art/craft blog

I have created this blog because l have taken on 2 challenges for art every day and every month for a year art challenge. l don't promise to make art every day but l intended to try hard. It will cover my silk painting, acrylics, book making, photography, drawing, ink work, and anything else l decide to try!! the challenge started on Nov 1st 2009.

l have started to do a painting from this amazing colurful image l took on the first day. I will start tomorrow to put "work in progress" images up as l work.
Happy crafting everyone!x