Tuesday, June 28, 2011

my new dyed cotten shirt

Sometimes l think l have gone a little overboard on my Eco-dyeing but l am having such fun and learning so much at the same time!

This is a small pile of my stitched pieces which l am intending to turn into a large piece of material to turn into a skirt.
This is my latest dyed-piece of clothing (talked about in my last post)...and l am so pleased with it. It is now dry and all l need to do is iron it.

This is the other stuff that was dyed at the same time. All machine washed and ready for ironing.

Next bundles waiting to be done. This time l am dyeing 2 pieces that have same leaves...trying to become more organised and controlled in my work.

My latest "walk" collection......

Friday, June 24, 2011

Dyeing latest batch

This is my linen shirt that l eco-dyed and l promised to show you when l had embroidered it.......here it is  Very pleased with it.

Some more pieces to add to the skirk l am making from pieces of eco-dyed fabrics.

Here are the bundles l have not unwrapped for 3 weeks......l am getting more patient!

WOW.....this is a shirt from three weeks ago. eculyptus, a few twigs with lichen (which l picked up on my walks in the woods) on them, red maple leaves and a few purple iris flowers. Need to wash and iron it but it is looking gorgeous. So excited.

The gorgeous metal and rusty bits that have fell out of 2 of my bundles.

Sorry can't help it..that shirt again!
I don't think l will ever get over the excitmemt of this craft. thanks India for opening my eyes!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Poppies, brass and flowers

Picking wild, red poppies and picking up spent petals on the road side...millions of them filling fields and road sides in Rutland. I intend to spread the seeds and use the petals for dyeing.

 Laid out for bundling. I have not used Poppies before so am excited to see if any magic happens.
 My shirt all wrapped up with petals and leaves!
 All ready to await the magic to happen.
Onion skin bath made in my brass pot..waiting to see what happens. Will show results when completed.
 I am off to find out what this plant is.....see you later!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Results of dyeing, clothes and decoration.

Nearly three weeks ago l wrapped up a full length linen coat, a cotton top and a linen apron shirt, using Eucalyptus leaves. It was the first time l had really done big pieces and it was not easy but l enjoyed the challenge. I put the bundles in the cupboard in the bathroom, that has a hot water pipe running through it. So just a slightly warm space. Managed to forget about them until just over three weeks.. found them covered in mould! So unwrapped, scapped of leaves and most of the mould and then put through the washing machine. Very pleased with the results.

This is the long jacket.
 Back view!
 This is the top.
 This is the apron skirt...back
 front with pockets.
Really happy with these dyed clothes! On the jacket l am going to be doing some decorative sewing..watch this space. I am also going to sew some decoration on the front pockets of the skirt. I am having so much fun..as if you hadn't already guessed!! Ha!
The next image is of a piece l finished a week or so ago. I really am in love with this piece and have decided to add it to another skirt in the next day or so, as a piece of decoration.
The long narrow piece added to the canvas is the first piece of felt l have ever made.
 I finished this piece last night.
Night all!