Tuesday, June 28, 2011

my new dyed cotten shirt

Sometimes l think l have gone a little overboard on my Eco-dyeing but l am having such fun and learning so much at the same time!

This is a small pile of my stitched pieces which l am intending to turn into a large piece of material to turn into a skirt.
This is my latest dyed-piece of clothing (talked about in my last post)...and l am so pleased with it. It is now dry and all l need to do is iron it.

This is the other stuff that was dyed at the same time. All machine washed and ready for ironing.

Next bundles waiting to be done. This time l am dyeing 2 pieces that have same leaves...trying to become more organised and controlled in my work.

My latest "walk" collection......


  1. I can tell you really are having a blast- a fun wonderful way to be creative and yet get wonderful surprises as you unwrap your bundles.

  2. I can see where once you start it's hard to stop...so many things calling you in nature to try...great fun seeing the process and your results Lynda

  3. Wouldn't we have fun on a walk ... gathering and collecting things for dyeing. A walk would take us ages! Lovely dyed pieces. Now I want to see what is in the bundle!!