Friday, May 28, 2010

A place for my Art,Swaps, Round Robins and work l produce from the courses l am taking!!!

Hi everyone...l have decided to r-open this blog. The reason being, l have been creating new "stuff" in some great classes, so l have decided to put my work up here again.
First class l am talking about, is an amazing course created by Artist  Traci Bunkers and the course is called, "Postcards on the Edge". You have to see her site, ( ) she is an artist, makes her own stamps and sells, dyes her own wool and yarns, takes photographs, makes fantastic journal pages and so much more......just go and see!
the two images below are the front..which is where the address label will go. The next image is the front side. I have done some things different from the lesson ideas for th=is postcard. I made the mistake(?) of making the first layer too interesting and so dedided not to paint over it asnd then collage again! I decided to add some more bits and pieces and then l finally used wax on the card.

The two images below are the finished piece! Putting wax on the cards was not as easy as l expected! I am used to using wax but this was different! i have learnt how to use a craft dryer to move the wax around and another tool to flatten and smooth the wax, after it had set. I have found it hard but am really pleased l carried on and didn't let it bet me! I don't think the image does the postcard justise actually because when you feel the card it is soft and looking at seems almost 3D.
I have started quite a few cards and they are all at different stages. The first two cards are at the first stage and then l will paint them and then decide where to go from there.



The next image has been painted and l have left free a b/w newspaper image of an old man. The next stage will be quite a bit of added text l think.
This image below is how the card started off.......collaged! Then........................
The next step, is seen below, where l have painted and wiped off and re-painted the card for the next step. I have cleaned off the area with the cross and the man's face, using a baby wipe. The next stage will be l think, more collage and some sewing!

As l finish each stage and move on to the end peice, l will upload their images, so as you can see how it all ends up! I find the whole process very exciting. I have never done anything like this before. The process of making these cards, layer by layer, has started to teach me that if it is not right, don't get angry and abandon it, carry on and see where it leads you. it is quite liberating!
I also am involved in a International Book round robin and a tag book swap too. As they haven't started properly yet..don't want to show you them, as it would spoil the surprise for the others. so each month when l receive the others work, l will show mine!
I have also been invoved in a ATC swop and my chosen word was TRUST and we had to make 3  of them. These are the first ones l have ever created and l really enjoyed making them.

The course l am just about to start, is how to make my own journals by an artist called Julie Prichard and her site is 
The course l am going to be doing,  is  called Art Journaling Super Nova: Pt.1 and Pt.2 and l am so excited! Just like a little kid at the age of 57!Ha.
Anyway..more later! enjoy your Art and Crafting...Happy Bank Holiday if you are in UK!xx