Thursday, October 28, 2010

Silk and wall-hangings

This is the second in my latest silkpainting...rather pleased with it .
This my latest wall-hanging, just needs tabs to hang it from. I have even chosen the stick to hang  it on. This is the largest  one l have maded so far.
Below are some images of the details of this latest hanging.

This is the first time l have made deliberate gaps in the hanging and closed them slightly by adding buttons and thread.

Can you see the buttons l have added, to hang down the side of the wall hanging?
These are the sticks l collected on Wimbledon Common the other day, for my hangings.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First in new series.

I have just start to make some new Silk Painting. This is the first one that l have finished and just needs to be fixed and then can be framed!

It is called "Spirit Gods"

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Both these images art from Museums in Paris. Happy Shadow Shot Sunday images!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A great first craft meeting session.

Today l went to a Craft group meeting run by a lovely Czech lady called Veronica. We had a great first meet up and had a "Show and Tell" session. It was a shame there were only 3 of us but boy did we have fun!!!. Lots of tea and an amazing home-made cake!! Then we learnt how to make soap which was great fun. Below are some of the images l took from this session!
The first image is of one of the stamps we used to put in the base of the mold, what a clever idea that was Veronica.

This image shows you a stamp being put in the base of the mould. 
The next image is showing glitter being added to the liquid soap mixture. Some had glitter, others didn't.

The pink soap has had a Christmas essence ( in other words..cloves!) added to it..gorgeous!! The purple soap has a coconut essense added to it..yummy! If you spray the top of the soap once it is set, with alcohol, you can then pour another colour on top of it. Now isn't that clever?! 

 This is the soap wrapped in cling fim and then a stamp has been added as a final touch. One Christmas idea for you!