Thursday, September 29, 2011

day at Kew.....and that dress!

Do you remember this dress?
Well...many people, including my son and my husband, have said the embroidery is amazing but the dress colour is dull!!! So l thought about it for a while and now it looks like this.......

This is not quite the correct colour..add a bit more orange to is gorgeous and now we are all happy!xx
Went to kew gardens today and just got so inspired. Firstly Tony helped me record most of the Eucalpytus's, notes and a few leaves from the ground....magic will be produced soon!

And this was not all of them!!!!!
Also some of the plants/flowers/fungi and leaves just sooooooooo inspired me. Here are a few.

Since l first blogged this piece, l now know what the below images are. Read the comments and you will see l have very informed followers..thank you Pattiexx They are apparently  Osage-oranges,which is commonly used as a tree row windbreak in prairie states, which gives it one of its colloquial names, "hedge apple"." 

 All l have to do now is start..drawing/stitching/ painting or printing many ideas!!!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Open Studio this weekend.

Whew...just helped to hang my part of the  exhibition in The Gallery in Southfield, Wimbledon. it is part of the Open House weekend that is haning in Southfields and Wandsworth this weekend. It is a shame it is all happening at the same time but that's Life l suppose. Anyway, our Private View is on this friday (30th September) between 5.30 and 8.30 and also Saturday and Sunday....11am-5pm each day. There are quite a few other artists showing with me in the gallery, so friday should be a good night. Below is one of the Silkpainting being shown, it is titled "Spirit People" and is influenced by my 3 years li and working in Papua New Guinea. The or 5 images are really images for children, such as Noah's Ark and Happy Fish.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

My dyed and embroidered dress is at last finished.

This image is of a piece of embroidery half way up the front of the dress. This was a white dress made of non natural fibres and l was not sure if it wouild dye well. I dyed it with and in Ecu leaves and then embroidered it. I am very pleased with it. The first image is of the main dress.

 Next few images are of the hand-embroidered circles and other patterns l added to the bottom of the dress. This is many nights worth of slow work ..very peaceful and relaxing.

This is the top of the dress, embroidered and has a small clay button added to it.

The next two images are on the back of the dress.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Undone bundles and stitching.

Have just undone some bundles and busy doing loads of embroidery...and having fun!

 Playing around stitches on eco-dyed silk.
 Love this piece.
 Close in to stitching circles at the moment. Very peaceful to make circles.

 Playing around with canvas.....circles made from rust washers and then embroidered.