Sunday, September 18, 2011

Look what l have received, those Nun's are at it again, some dye experiments, and further work in the pipe line!

Before l talk about my Art, l want to show you a wonderful prize l won recently. Jacqueline whose blog is  sent me this beautiful bag.

Gorgeous isn't it? I use it to store my threads in. Thanks Jacqeline.x

The nuns have been at it again! Found more small brandy bottles outside the Covent!!Ha!! I have almost decided what l am going to use them for..but not yet ready to talk about it!

 This first two image are of canvas material bundled with Ecu leaves and Ragwort, all in a Ecu dye bath.

 This is a bundle of mixed Summer  flowers from a few bunches that were given to me. Dye is a blue Ecu leaf dye bath.

 The pattern on this vintage cotton bodice were made from large winged metal paper clips.

Really pleased with these results. At present l am doing some research on which Ecu leaf gives which colour. Proper research as they say...time to be grown up and start recording my results!!


  1. being a grown-up doesn't sound like fun. maybe the nun's have the right idea - wonder if they are ready to talk about it??

  2. my family say l am still only about 6, l have a long way to go yet but l am trying. ....but only when it is fun! Not sure if Nuns are ready to talk or not yet..have to think about that one. But it is very strange....will get to the bottom of it one day!xxthanks for visitingxlynda

  3. I love all the patterns you've created on these fabrics. Some very intricate - I would sit and look at each one for a long time, trying to discover the picture inside.

  4. thank you Penny for saying such nice things about my workxxlynda