Saturday, September 10, 2011

work in progress.

Not much Art is being created at present, as l have been arranging family celebrations, recovering from my shoulder op and visiting sick friends. This is a bundle l opened the other day after 3 weeks being wrapped. It is a piece of thick cotton wrapped with  bottle tops, odds and ends from the garden, then dyed in an Eculyptus dye bath. It has already been washed in the washing machine and l love it.

This is a piece l am working on at present. It is a piece of silk, dyed in Turmaric and l have almost finished decorating it.


  1. hoi Lynda, the first cloth is a real surprise , the second... what a beautiful yellow and the stitches..I love them.
    I spent some time yesterday to find your blog. I like blogging more then facebook.
    How's your shoulder? Is your husband taking good care? (greet him from the dutch woman (lol))
    you ask where you can follow my blog feathers from the bottom are the followers. I hesitate if this can be a public blog because it is lots of writnig about my life. Following a course magic dairy with Jude Hill give me lots of memories and reading it wroten in poor english must be boring but for me a real magic dairy. Love yvette

  2. Lovely to see you here my your work and l am glad you found mexxlynda

  3. Love this yellow and your stitches. I'm happy that you can sew again.

  4. l am glad l can sew again too!xxxthanks for visiting..keeps me going.xxlynda

  5. Yummy silk and beautiful stitches. Hope your shoulder continues its healing.