Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This is the lovely lady l meet, when she came over with her daughter, to visit family. Her name is Emily Townsend and she is an very creative lady. Go to her blog http://creativeartjournal.blogspot.com    She has just had an amazing trip across Europe, so her blog is full of images from her travels. Can't wait to see the journals ect she has done while away!!
Hope one of these days to go and visit her in Colorodo or where ever she is living at the timexx

Monday, June 28, 2010

The last bit of making before sending off my journal!

Just before l send off this journal, l have added my photo and also want to show you the cover l have made for this journal,  for when it eventually arrives back in 15 months (see last blog entry to see this story!) I am not putting on the cover before it goes on it's journey, to save the extra weight in postage for people. The cover will also have a clasp on it eventually. I am having so much fun!!
Below is the working for the front of the journal cover and when it is finished, as l said, there will be a clasp of some sort on it.
The last image is the workings for the back cover!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The first part of a 15 month journal round robin!!

I am taking part in a fifteen month journal exchange and tomorrow, l post of my book to the next person in the list. I thought l would show it to you. I have never done anything like this before and although stressful at times, l have enjoyed it. So for the next 15 months, on the 1st of each month, l will be sending of another person's book. In that book l have to completed a double page spread on a topic of her choice!!
Making the A5 journal caused me and my husband a few sleepless nights but we got there eventually.
The first image is of the finished A5 book with holes but not sewn yet.
The sewing was easier than l thought it would be! The knack is to make sure the signatures are held firm and when you tie the end knot, you remember which way the ends lie. If you pull the threads in the wrong direction they will tear the holes!!!! 

The image below shows my page before l have created my "Language" piece. The flap on the right, is where l write my details.
This next image shows the 2 page spread after mine. Where l had written my details..this person will write hers but on this side!!
And below is my finished piece without written bits of information.

The last two images are of the info fold and the front record sheet.

Off to the Post Office with it tomorrow morning..isn't going far this time only to Claire in Surry!..l could deliver it by hand really!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Some of my cushions and a journal l am creating!

A few days ago l showed you an image of the little cushions, that were for a book journal. ( I learnt to make these by watching Teesha Moore) Well, l have some filled and now l have decorated them..Sorry about the bright sunshine..but as l live in UK, l am not going to moan about the sun and the heat!Hax

and below............ is the start of the journal,  that some of these will be used to create the front and back of this journal!

Friday, June 18, 2010

A "Wax" Session!

Today, l ran a workshop for Amelia and two of her friends on how to work and use Wax in your collage work. It was an amazing session and l really loved teaching what l hve discovered about using wax other than in Batik work! Below are some images from the morning. These lovely ladies have convinced me l need to teach workshops again! thank youx
As you can see from below...even when teaching, it is hard to be neat on my Art table!!!!
Putting a first layer of beeswax and coloured wax crayons (the kind your children would use)wax on a handmade luggage label. Here glitter has been added to the label, before addintg the wax... good effect .
Some of the amazing work the ladies made in a very short time. Very impressed ladies!x
Material can also be covered in wax before or after you put images on to it.
The tool below helps to melt, spead or even out wax. The job can also be down with a small craft iron or an OLD ordinary iron, that you now longer use for ironing clothes!
More work in progress!
Finished pieces..on casrdboard and a homemade luggage label.
A very good session and l think was enjoyed by all, especially me!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Two challenges. My monthly journal pages and my first ever Fat Book Challenge.

Today, l sent off two lots of challenges. One is a monthly small page challenge...the other is a Fat book challenge.
Fat book challenge was to make 13 (all the same or near enough the same!)pages for the title "Winged Things" to send off and then l will receive a Fat Book back with 13 pages in return!! How exciting!

The next two images are my June Challenge for an on going journal. We do two pages a month with two new titles.
The first page was titled " Sultry Evenings". I decided to use sultry colours, the blue of the sea and the evening light, foreign languages and exotic butterflies! Finished off with a layer of wax, to give it some depth and a look of mystery!
The other title was "because......" and my title was " because... it is Summer". This is what l wish this June was like but unfortunetly it is NOT!
Hope you like them because l really enjoyed making them. First time l have been part of a Fat Book challenge.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The start of making a fabric journal!

These are some of my "bits" that l have made, for my journal cover. I learnt how by watching Teesha Moore fabric Art Journal video's. 

Monday, June 7, 2010

almost finished!!!!

This is the next stage of the postcard...it has some braille added to it  and some wax...next stage some paint over the braille, so it doesn't stand out so much and then maybe some stamps into the wax and the final coat of wax. nearly finished!!
I really am enjoying creating these postcards!

Friday, June 4, 2010

nearly finished postcard..side 1!

I have nearly finished this postcard..just think l need to add a few more words and then this side will be finished. I have just discovered patterned sellotape..l am in love!Ha!
I think l am liking this so far..and l am having so much fun!