Monday, June 14, 2010

Two challenges. My monthly journal pages and my first ever Fat Book Challenge.

Today, l sent off two lots of challenges. One is a monthly small page challenge...the other is a Fat book challenge.
Fat book challenge was to make 13 (all the same or near enough the same!)pages for the title "Winged Things" to send off and then l will receive a Fat Book back with 13 pages in return!! How exciting!

The next two images are my June Challenge for an on going journal. We do two pages a month with two new titles.
The first page was titled " Sultry Evenings". I decided to use sultry colours, the blue of the sea and the evening light, foreign languages and exotic butterflies! Finished off with a layer of wax, to give it some depth and a look of mystery!
The other title was "because......" and my title was " because... it is Summer". This is what l wish this June was like but unfortunetly it is NOT!
Hope you like them because l really enjoyed making them. First time l have been part of a Fat Book challenge.