Friday, February 26, 2010

Two new journalling pages!

I finished two new journal pages to-day.... I suddenly had a spark of artisic energy! The first is about "Talking to Strangers". When my son was young, around the age of 3 or 4, l think, l was trying to explain to him about the dangers of talking to strangers. My son was one of those little boys, with big blue eyes and a smile that would melt the hardest heart. Anyway,  l explain about strangers and how he had to be careful around people he didn't know, don't talk to strangers because they could be nasty people and might hurt him. Then, this adorable little son of mine, gave me a huge smile, cocked his head to one side and said confidently,  "But mummy, l am so lovely, why would anyone want to hurt me"?...How do you answer that? I was reminded of it a few days ago, when l hear on the radio, about children being given Safety Talks at the age of 8!..a little late l think!

 The next journal image came about, when my parents gave me back a clay owl, l had made when l was about 9 or 10, l think! I had forgotten all about it and when l saw it, all sorts of memories came flooding back. I collected owls of all shapes and sizes, some were plastic, many were knitted and others made of cotton material, l just loved Owls. Childhood crazes...l remember l also collected stamps, tiny little china animals and dolls in National Costume. I remember my favorite doll was a Red Indian Girl, with her baby strapped to her back. 
When l introduced friends to my future husband and they realised his surname was HOWELLS...did they laugh! Well it seemed funny in those days of the early 1970"s!Ha! Anyway, the Owl reminded me of this, so l created this childlike journal page, to go with my childish craze of almost 48 years ago!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Amelia's new e-course.

Today l want to tell you about an amazing young friend of mine and her new E course. Amelia and l met on a part-time Art and Design Honours Degree at Wimbledon Art School. She was a talented artist at the beginning of this 5 year p/t course but now she is just amazing. i have watched her mature and change and become the amazing person and artist she is now. Oh l forgot to say, she is also quite a writer as there no end to this talented woman!?
Even if you don't join her course, visit her work and l am sure you will see what l mean. She is an artist that is going her space! And l have a peice of her l did put my money where my mouth was!Hax
Her blog is
You can find her course at

Monday, February 22, 2010

RUby Tueday image!


I couldn't resist taking this image, even if l had not needed it for Ruby Tuesday. This little girl was determined to try and ride her bike through this mud puddle. I just love the way the young just "Go for it" without thinking of failure before hand!
Long live their determination and joy in life!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


SHADOW SHOT SUNDAY...can you see the faint shadow of the magpie beaneth her?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Silkpainting and Clay!

The following image, is of one of my large silkpaintings, unfortunatly the flash went off while l was taking it.  You can see a window and bits and pieces!I do like this image but it doesn't show the image in its best light. I am trying to find some images l took a while ago, which are very good. These will show you what they look like, with no flash and with no reflections. This image is called "We are all the same under the skin".

 The next image is of a Mask l made and have attached to a wooden carved frame. I wanted a simple facial mask.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

2 experimental journalling pages

I have been experimenting with different meduims and objects on my journalling pages. The first image, l used old jigsaw pieces, that l sanded and distressed. I also stuck down pieces of chinese paper, that l found in an Oxfam Shop. There was a funny thing though, when l had fiished this page all about me being dyslexic, l photographed it and then downloaded it. As l was looking at it, l suddenly realised that l had spelt dyslexic incorrectly!Ha. I think l proved my point without even reaslising it!

The second page is totaslly different. I wanted to create a page that was simple and unclutted. It is about life, love and growth. I compared love and children, like looking after a garden. If you water it and tend it, it will grow and prosper..just like children!  There is also a dictionary explanation for garden and over the top, l placed transparent bubbles. the bubbles magnify the letters. I also used rub-on letters for the first time too. The selotape measure was easy to use and cheap at 50p at a paper shop! I also fixed a tiny plastic butterfly onto the toadstool and was so surprised that it just seemed to settle into the toadstool. Can't explain quite what l mean..but l liked the effect!. I was pleased with the end result of both pages.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Creative Block!

I suddenly seem to be full of ideas and can't get the ideas down quick enough. For those of you who have had creative will understand how pleased l am that that period seems to have gone! Fingers crossed it stays that way, as it is frightening when it goes on for quite a while, l can tell you. Anyway, here are a few of my rough pieces that will be turned into bigger peices at a later date. Most of these have been done on trains or in coffee shops!!
Thinking about Easter!
This next drawing was done this evening actually, on a train. I think when l do the bigger image l will do a paler background and add some gold gilt. At the moment l have named it "A Vanity Bird" but that may chamge at a later date!

The next image is an :Angel of Love drawing, that l will cut out and use, first as part of a journalling page and then, a large version on a canvas with wax, stamping and more words.

Back to the bird theme again..this next image is the start of something but what?..l am not sure!

And now something completly different, as they say on the comedy shows. This is something l made, many years ago at about 9 years old. An owl hand built in clay!! The trouble is, l assosiacte this owl with failure. I remember my Art Teacher telling me that she was dissapointed in my work but then she wasn't surprised really, as l was not very artistic! That stuck with me for many, many years and held me back from even trying to do :Art: in any form!.

My parents kept it all these years and gave it to me last year! Sweet of them.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Two journalling pages.

Here are some of my journalling pages..since l started a month or so ago..l have got right back into it. i really am enjoying myself.
This first image is my page about...Dream your Dreams!

The next image is a fun one that l did about Song Lines and Sat nav's! Ancient vs Modern map reading!

 As you can see l learn towards orange and yellow!
Journalling really helps me to think issues through and also to make me think about my Art more.

Monday, February 15, 2010


My image for my Ruby Tuesday challenge is special to me.Two weeks ago my husband Tony, had a heart attack! He is back home with me now, thank goodness and getting better by the day. So for Valentine's Day, l made and gave him a new heart!

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Alright creatives!

How many of you out there can relate to just how difficult it is to juggle your daily life and find time for art? I know I certainly can!

This month's giveaway, Creative Time and Space by Rice Freeman-Zachery, will explain how other artists have achieved balance in their lives and teaches you how to find it within your own.

Creative Time and Space embraces the idea that making time and space is at the core of creativity. It is not just about managing your time or setting up a studio space, it is about your mindset and about making room in your life for your craft.

Go to this site and register your name and blog..good luck everyone!x lynda 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

SHADOW SHOT SUNDAy.Feb 14th 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Here is my shot for to-day. the story behind it is this!

I was coming home from an Art Class that was in the Central London. It had been snowing but was now raining and l was wet, cold and not very happy! I was a few minutes away from the tube station and was going past l think, John Lewis  when l saw their interesting window displays. One window display was based on models and flies and the other window display was based on models and spiders. They were like those dinosaurs you can buy, made of bolsa wood that you have to slot together but these were made of metal. As l was looking at them and smiling, l realised they made beautiful here is this Sunday's image.
I still think it will move any moment!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This is the second posting of the day.....(first posting for today shows my newest handmade book!

RUBY TUESDAY IMAGE.......sorry but for some reason my red shoe image will not load!"!!!!

O.K l know..Valentines Day, so it has to be my image! Well are wrong...l was concentrating on the 2 different colour red coats...honestly!!!!
I hate Saint Valentine's Day! No...don't get me wrong... l am not a non-romantic person, l just hate to be told that on February 14th l should be romantic.I can understand the love of it when you are young or single but other wise it can cause so much heart ache as well as joy!! I read a lovely article the other day, where a lady had written in the following anecdote. On Valentine's day she received a card from her husband and she was surprised because he had always said "What a load of old rubbish, just another excuse to get you to spend money!" Still very curious, she opened the card, inside was a beautifully Hand-Made version..Even more of a surprise, as he had never made anything in his life before, that she was aware of. There was a huge red heart on the front with the words....I LOVE YOU it up! Inside were written the words "it is Saturday tomorrow and nothing to do with St. Valentine's Day at all!"Ha.  It made me laugh more than most people, l think, because this is the sort of thing my very romantic but hater of St.Valentine's Day husband of 37 years would do!.

One book...or is it?

The book you will see in the image below is one l made a few weeks ago. I saw one just like it and decided to see if l could replicate it, as l thought it was great concept. When you first see the book, it has a green back and front cover, the inside pages are black and it is tied at one side with a green ribbon.

If you untie the green ribbon, the book becomes a concertina type book. Neat l think. I am going to images on one side and art journalling on the other..well thats the plan at the moment!!
A very simple concept but so easy to construct! I am definitly making more.l

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Dream

I never seem to have time to post my work up here.and l have been very good at trying to create art every day. The following piece is one l am calling "Dreaming".  You may thing it should be called something else but that is one of the many joys of Art..interpret it as you will...discuss it with the artist but forgoodness sake don't disagree with them about the title!Ha!
Anyway, l made this small head from clay quite a while ago but didn't know what l would do with it. It sat on one or other of my shelves and kept shouting at me... but l couldn't understand what it wanted, if you see what l mean! Anyway, the other week l knew what l wanted to do, I always thought the head was sad but sleeping. Then l found this piece of wood with three metal rods in it, on a skip and then l was given some yellow roses. Two of these yellow roses seemed to tell me they were to go with the head..why? idea. Sometimes this happens to me....pieces just seemed to want to be together and so this piece was born!

                                                                         The Dream

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday.Feb 7th 2010

This is my entry for the Shadow Shot Sunday. Love these shadows! We were travelling along the motorway, when we suddenly saw this car on a trailor...we were so excited!! The reason being 34 years ago we had this exact same was my fiancee's first ever car, bought with his Army officer's cloth's allowance!!!! He bought it so he could come and see me! Well l was only 17 and a half and Tony was 21!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just found this amazing lady and her blog. Go and have a look at her blog..she is also giving away an amazing gift too. But go is worth a visit just because of her work.x

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ruby Tueday image!


Ruby Tuesday image....taken from my car, as we were stuck in a traffic jam in Hammersmith, London!

Shadow Shot Sunday Image

I am late for Shadow Shot Sunday challenge..anyway here it is. What you cannot see, is all the building work that is going on around and above this tree, on the other side of the road and yet they are not in the shadow!!very weird!
I have only just noticed that the real lamp looks as if it is actually hanging from the shadow!