Monday, February 8, 2010

The Dream

I never seem to have time to post my work up here.and l have been very good at trying to create art every day. The following piece is one l am calling "Dreaming".  You may thing it should be called something else but that is one of the many joys of Art..interpret it as you will...discuss it with the artist but forgoodness sake don't disagree with them about the title!Ha!
Anyway, l made this small head from clay quite a while ago but didn't know what l would do with it. It sat on one or other of my shelves and kept shouting at me... but l couldn't understand what it wanted, if you see what l mean! Anyway, the other week l knew what l wanted to do, I always thought the head was sad but sleeping. Then l found this piece of wood with three metal rods in it, on a skip and then l was given some yellow roses. Two of these yellow roses seemed to tell me they were to go with the head..why? idea. Sometimes this happens to me....pieces just seemed to want to be together and so this piece was born!

                                                                         The Dream


  1. Thank you so much for dropping by.xxlove getting messages, just reassures me l am not talking to myself and slowly going mad!lynda