Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Creative Block!

I suddenly seem to be full of ideas and can't get the ideas down quick enough. For those of you who have had creative will understand how pleased l am that that period seems to have gone! Fingers crossed it stays that way, as it is frightening when it goes on for quite a while, l can tell you. Anyway, here are a few of my rough pieces that will be turned into bigger peices at a later date. Most of these have been done on trains or in coffee shops!!
Thinking about Easter!
This next drawing was done this evening actually, on a train. I think when l do the bigger image l will do a paler background and add some gold gilt. At the moment l have named it "A Vanity Bird" but that may chamge at a later date!

The next image is an :Angel of Love drawing, that l will cut out and use, first as part of a journalling page and then, a large version on a canvas with wax, stamping and more words.

Back to the bird theme again..this next image is the start of something but what?..l am not sure!

And now something completly different, as they say on the comedy shows. This is something l made, many years ago at about 9 years old. An owl hand built in clay!! The trouble is, l assosiacte this owl with failure. I remember my Art Teacher telling me that she was dissapointed in my work but then she wasn't surprised really, as l was not very artistic! That stuck with me for many, many years and held me back from even trying to do :Art: in any form!.

My parents kept it all these years and gave it to me last year! Sweet of them.

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