Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This is the second posting of the day.....(first posting for today shows my newest handmade book!

RUBY TUESDAY IMAGE.......sorry but for some reason my red shoe image will not load!"!!!!

O.K l know..Valentines Day, so it has to be my image! Well actually....you are wrong...l was concentrating on the 2 different colour red coats...honestly!!!!
I hate Saint Valentine's Day! No...don't get me wrong... l am not a non-romantic person, l just hate to be told that on February 14th l should be romantic.I can understand the love of it when you are young or single but other wise it can cause so much heart ache as well as joy!! I read a lovely article the other day, where a lady had written in the following anecdote. On Valentine's day she received a card from her husband and she was surprised because he had always said "What a load of old rubbish, just another excuse to get you to spend money!" Still very curious, she opened the card, inside was a beautifully Hand-Made version..Even more of a surprise, as he had never made anything in his life before, that she was aware of. There was a huge red heart on the front with the words....I LOVE YOU BECAUSE....open it up! Inside were written the words "it is Saturday tomorrow and nothing to do with St. Valentine's Day at all!"Ha.  It made me laugh more than most people, l think, because this is the sort of thing my very romantic but hater of St.Valentine's Day husband of 37 years would do!.

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  1. Such a refreshing story to complement the photo! Enjoyed the unfolding of this post!