Thursday, February 18, 2010

2 experimental journalling pages

I have been experimenting with different meduims and objects on my journalling pages. The first image, l used old jigsaw pieces, that l sanded and distressed. I also stuck down pieces of chinese paper, that l found in an Oxfam Shop. There was a funny thing though, when l had fiished this page all about me being dyslexic, l photographed it and then downloaded it. As l was looking at it, l suddenly realised that l had spelt dyslexic incorrectly!Ha. I think l proved my point without even reaslising it!

The second page is totaslly different. I wanted to create a page that was simple and unclutted. It is about life, love and growth. I compared love and children, like looking after a garden. If you water it and tend it, it will grow and prosper..just like children!  There is also a dictionary explanation for garden and over the top, l placed transparent bubbles. the bubbles magnify the letters. I also used rub-on letters for the first time too. The selotape measure was easy to use and cheap at 50p at a paper shop! I also fixed a tiny plastic butterfly onto the toadstool and was so surprised that it just seemed to settle into the toadstool. Can't explain quite what l mean..but l liked the effect!. I was pleased with the end result of both pages.

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