Monday, January 31, 2011

New Silkpaintings.

My latest silkpainting. Summer and Winter.

This is a silkpainting of one of my many "Faces" images that l created when l lived in Papua New Guinea. This is not a very good image of this piece but next week l am have proffestional images taken.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blood Oranges, dyeing, new silkpaintings and blue sky!

When Tony and l were out shopping today, Tony remembered l hasd been looking for Blood Oranges and found some for me. The reason l wanted some, was l had seen some being used for dyeing and so l wanted to try some too! They are such an amazing colour and l have to admit that Tony and l kept two back for ourselves. Would you believe l picked the only one of the whole bag, that was NOT a Blood Orange!

Here is a silk and Blood Orange bundle which l will steam later. I also bought some more blueberries to day and have put them in hot water and have added a rusty tin to one batch, one just the berries and the third one with an iron nail in the jar. I await the outcomes with interest.
I have also been Silkpainting today and yesterday to complete a project l am invoved in. This is one of the pieces, guttad and then painted. 

Colour isn't quite right, as it is in artifical light but it gives you an idea, The next silk is of  Fun Houses, guttad and then painted. I have a larger version of this painting but the background is red and l am told it looks as if the houses are on fire!

The next silk is one of many fishes l have completed. This one has been painted but l forgot to take an image of the finished piece.
The last one tonight is a large Noah's Ark painting, which has also already been painted. The reason l have not shown you the finish piece is because l don't have a big enough piece of white paper to put behind it, when l take an image. It needs white behind the silk, to show up the colours correctly. They are being photographed proffesionally next week, by my son and l will show you them all then.
Hope you all have had a nice enjoyable weekend and have had a good rest before Monday and work starts. One of the things that made today so great, was for the first time for nearly two weeks....drum roll...there was blue sky!
Blue skies always makes me smilex

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Give-away and past art re-visited

I may be quiet for a while as l am "re-doing" my Art room. Laying new wooden floor wish me luck and see you soon!!xxlynda

This a great site, visit if you are interested in materials, tutorials and patterns. They also have a GREAT giveaway each week.

I have been looking through some of my unfinished or "need some more work" pieces. Here are a few of them. I think it is good sometimes to revise your past work.
This teddy just needed an exgra button on it's heart and now it is really finished.

I have just re-waxed this postcard and now am happy with it.

 This piece needed some touching up and a few new clips added to it. Think l am happy with this postcard.
This postcard has a way to go yet but it is getting there..but slowly!!
 This one is now finished and am pleased with it.
 All l need to do to this Noah's Ark cross stitch is frame it.
 One of my many silk painted cards..ready to be wrapped.
 Waiting to be wrapped!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A gift and a cake!

Once again l am a lucky lady...I just received this wonderful brooch in the post. The Artist is Sandy from Dangling by a Thread. She saw one of the small, padded and embroidered cushions,  l make for my wall hangings and asked to swop it for one of her brooches. Isn't gorgeous? Thanks Sandy.

I suppose some of you would not think of cooking as "Art" but l think this particular cake is pure Art!!!! It used to be a custom in our house, after mixing a cake the children licked the bowl and spoon. BUT as there are no children in the house today....l had the treat instead.

 Now you are thinking l baked this gorgeous cake but NO. My husband Tony did..isn't he clever?

AND WHAT A CAKE!!!!! Coffee and walnut cake from scatch, no cake mix in a box for this man.
I am sorry you are not around to share it......but l don't think we need to worry it will go to waste!!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tins and things!

While out working the other day, l spotted this in the undergrowth and fished it out to use in my dyeing. Have a look at the next image and see if you would have spotted it?

This is the Saw l told you about in an earlier blog..the one l got from the tip! It will soon be wrapped in silk, sprayed with vinegar and left!!! So exciting.

While l was putting my bundles in the compost heap the other week, l saw these broken pieces of pottery pots on the floor. They have very pretty engraved flowers and some leaves on them. Think l will use them for some rubbing on cotton and l have some other ideas too.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Dyeing and dumpster diving!

By now you must be very fed up with all my dyeing!... but sorry here are some more images.....l am having so much fun. I am also beginning to start sewing and making some larger pieces, so you will start to see other things soon...promise
This first piece is from the bedspread, dyed in tea.
This piece of the bedspread was wrapped round cranberries and a rusty pipe. The dark brown circles are a placement accident. I left this dry bundle on a tray and then accidental put a wet bundle on top of this dry one!
LOVE the dark elastic band markings on this piece. Can see the embroidery l want to do on this piece already.
A piece steam dyed in blueberries, then dyed again in a new stronger blueberry dye . Love the two tones of the blue and the marks the elastic bands have made.
Bundles drying. I have tried a different method of closing..clips. We have a while to wait to see the results! I hate waiting.......
Silk having dyed in tea with a rusty old nail in it. Made tea much darker!

 Eucalyptus leaves on the pinky/orange colour.
 Very, very thin silk with slight pattern on it. Steamed with rusty tins and metal paper clips.
 This piece of thin silk was wrapped around two flat rusty tins.
 Love the way large metal paper clips leave their marks on the material.
 This is another piece of the bedspread, the largest piece l have dyed to date. Steam dyed first in cranberries, then dipped in cold tea and then a third steam dye with rusty tins and large rusty paper clips. Love it.
 Detailed image of the piece.
 A piece dyed in tea dye and then the tones in this peice.
Today l put my bundles ( wood wrapped in cotton) by the compost heap with my sign to say.. why and who was responsible for this. 2nd image is of pieces covered with leaves. Now to wait 6mths!!!!How will l manage that long without opening one or all of them? Ha!

 Dumpster diving...found an old rusty saw..great. Where is my silk, vinegar and off l go!
This last image is taken of part of one of my favorite trees and l am hoping to turn it into a needlework piece and a print of some sort.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ist dye in Blueberries and then a second and sometimes third dye of rust.

This week l decided to try a second dye on some of my materials already dyed with blueberries.  The first two images are second dyed with rusty tins and l really like the effect. The material is an old, white Indian bedspread that was going to be thrown away. It is the sort that has small pieces of glass sewn into the design. Really like the way the dye has made the polyester thread shine.

 This is another piece of the bedspread, dyed first with blueberries,then a second dye of  rusty tins and a third dye with nails and bottle tops. Love it.
 This is a close up, where you can see a mark of one of the rusty beer bottle tops quite clearly.
 This is what a very rusty can did to the cotton. The tin hsa been steamed so many times that is breaking up and becoming very fragile..
 This is a piece of gauze that was first dyed in blueberries and then for second dye, wrapped around a few nails.

 Wanted to show this piece of the bedspread as you can see some of the deeple purple colour that came from the berries.
 In this image you can see the small mirrors l was talking about, earlier in today's blog.
 This is a piece of gauze that was first dyed in blueberries, than one half (Left) was wrapped around a tin and the other half in rusty nails.