Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ist dye in Blueberries and then a second and sometimes third dye of rust.

This week l decided to try a second dye on some of my materials already dyed with blueberries.  The first two images are second dyed with rusty tins and l really like the effect. The material is an old, white Indian bedspread that was going to be thrown away. It is the sort that has small pieces of glass sewn into the design. Really like the way the dye has made the polyester thread shine.

 This is another piece of the bedspread, dyed first with blueberries,then a second dye of  rusty tins and a third dye with nails and bottle tops. Love it.
 This is a close up, where you can see a mark of one of the rusty beer bottle tops quite clearly.
 This is what a very rusty can did to the cotton. The tin hsa been steamed so many times that is breaking up and becoming very fragile..
 This is a piece of gauze that was first dyed in blueberries and then for second dye, wrapped around a few nails.

 Wanted to show this piece of the bedspread as you can see some of the deeple purple colour that came from the berries.
 In this image you can see the small mirrors l was talking about, earlier in today's blog.
 This is a piece of gauze that was first dyed in blueberries, than one half (Left) was wrapped around a tin and the other half in rusty nails.


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I came to see what you were making and ran into RUST, something I love. The blueberries did well in their dye bath, and I agree that silk dyes the best of any fabric. Love the results you got.

  2. Lynda. Wow! This is just gorgeous -- I am in search of another color other than pink! I have some frozen purple petunias but think I've got a bag of frozen blueberries, too. Thanks for the inspiration.