Friday, January 7, 2011

dyeing..oranges, bananas and blueberries plus sewing.

More dyeing experiments..l am so enjoyting this!  Went to do shopping today and the supermarket had a sale of they are with boiling water and what a gorgeous colour. I wonder how it will turn out?
Second experiment...large oranges wrapped in silk and banana skins also wrapped in their own silk bundle....I now have to wait ..oooooh l am not good at waiting.
My other love at the moment is embroidery...below are a few of the latest "pockets" for my wall hangings. I am also turning some of them into bags and this space!

This piece took the longest to complete because of all the small, yellow, single stitches between the arrows. Strangely l found it very calming and now know why so many people are coming to "slow cloth". I am hooked.


  1. I love the brown and green one ... wanna swap ? for one of my brooches that I have made?
    Dangling by a thread
    the camera is canon 550dslr :)

  2. That would be greatxmy email is and l will send you my addressx
    My camera is aNikon D80x look forward to hear from you. x

  3. --sounds like a great fruit saladn needs some ice cream. It will be interesting to see how "fast" the colours are.

  4. I have washed all my dyed experiments and so colour wash!I have read LOADS and it generally reckoned that the colours start to slowly fade after about 2 or 3 years .

  5. super to see you creating these treasures with your wonderful hand dyed fabrics!