Sunday, January 23, 2011

A gift and a cake!

Once again l am a lucky lady...I just received this wonderful brooch in the post. The Artist is Sandy from Dangling by a Thread. She saw one of the small, padded and embroidered cushions,  l make for my wall hangings and asked to swop it for one of her brooches. Isn't gorgeous? Thanks Sandy.

I suppose some of you would not think of cooking as "Art" but l think this particular cake is pure Art!!!! It used to be a custom in our house, after mixing a cake the children licked the bowl and spoon. BUT as there are no children in the house today....l had the treat instead.

 Now you are thinking l baked this gorgeous cake but NO. My husband Tony did..isn't he clever?

AND WHAT A CAKE!!!!! Coffee and walnut cake from scatch, no cake mix in a box for this man.
I am sorry you are not around to share it......but l don't think we need to worry it will go to waste!!!!


  1. pleasure .. glad you like the brooch .. now umm yummy on the cake !!! looks fantastic
    Dangling by a Thread

  2. Lynda your cake looks wonderful.
    Your last post with all the rust and wrapping it with silk is so interesting I think I would like to try it. I love your work.

  3. Yum and yes indeed you ARE a lucky Lady!

  4. Coffee and walnut cake would be a first pick for me! Delicious combination, looks like a delicious cake.