Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blood Oranges, dyeing, new silkpaintings and blue sky!

When Tony and l were out shopping today, Tony remembered l hasd been looking for Blood Oranges and found some for me. The reason l wanted some, was l had seen some being used for dyeing and so l wanted to try some too! They are such an amazing colour and l have to admit that Tony and l kept two back for ourselves. Would you believe l picked the only one of the whole bag, that was NOT a Blood Orange!

Here is a silk and Blood Orange bundle which l will steam later. I also bought some more blueberries to day and have put them in hot water and have added a rusty tin to one batch, one just the berries and the third one with an iron nail in the jar. I await the outcomes with interest.
I have also been Silkpainting today and yesterday to complete a project l am invoved in. This is one of the pieces, guttad and then painted. 

Colour isn't quite right, as it is in artifical light but it gives you an idea, The next silk is of  Fun Houses, guttad and then painted. I have a larger version of this painting but the background is red and l am told it looks as if the houses are on fire!

The next silk is one of many fishes l have completed. This one has been painted but l forgot to take an image of the finished piece.
The last one tonight is a large Noah's Ark painting, which has also already been painted. The reason l have not shown you the finish piece is because l don't have a big enough piece of white paper to put behind it, when l take an image. It needs white behind the silk, to show up the colours correctly. They are being photographed proffesionally next week, by my son and l will show you them all then.
Hope you all have had a nice enjoyable weekend and have had a good rest before Monday and work starts. One of the things that made today so great, was for the first time for nearly two weeks....drum roll...there was blue sky!
Blue skies always makes me smilex


  1. Your can, cake & cards are amazing! All the other bits & pieces, too ;) Can't wait to see how the blood oranges come out.

    Is that good ol Putney under the blue sKys?!

  2. Your silk paintings are lovely Lynda! You've also got me very interested in natural dyeing.....mmm :-)

  3. Yes Emma that was good old Putney under the blue sky. Rare image that at the sky l mean!
    Linda...go to India Flint's site or read her book...she is amazing in all areas concerning Eco dyeing. Also if there are questions you want to ask..ask awayxxlynda

  4. Lynda I love the three little houses and am very interested to see how the blood orange piece comes out. The sun is also shining in Oregon, doesn't it feel good.

  5. Wow, I need to look up blood oranges! I just became a follower of your blog and based on your art, I think you might be interested in my blog ( deColourant removes and replaces the color of fabrics with ease and has a slight citrus smell. All information can be found at and ordering can be done at
    I think you would really like to use it in your projects.
    Have a great day!

  6. Lynda one of your silk paintings is more wonderful than the next...absolutely brilliant!

    You manage to get into so many fun things and do them so well!

  7. Okay, I want your silk painted houses! They are so jaunty and playful. And I love blood oranges - never thought to use them as a source of dye!

  8. Glad you all love my work, must admit l love creating it. Love that you like my houses daynaxxlynda