Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Give-away and past art re-visited

I may be quiet for a while as l am "re-doing" my Art room. Laying new wooden floor wish me luck and see you soon!!xxlynda

This a great site, visit if you are interested in materials, tutorials and patterns. They also have a GREAT giveaway each week.

I have been looking through some of my unfinished or "need some more work" pieces. Here are a few of them. I think it is good sometimes to revise your past work.
This teddy just needed an exgra button on it's heart and now it is really finished.

I have just re-waxed this postcard and now am happy with it.

 This piece needed some touching up and a few new clips added to it. Think l am happy with this postcard.
This postcard has a way to go yet but it is getting there..but slowly!!
 This one is now finished and am pleased with it.
 All l need to do to this Noah's Ark cross stitch is frame it.
 One of my many silk painted cards..ready to be wrapped.
 Waiting to be wrapped!


  1. Hi Lynda- great to see a selection of your work. You have very intersting content on your postcards. I am thinking more and more about process and method - maybe I will return to more colours and exciting themes when I have worked through whatever it is that I am working through. Feeling like I want to simplify and simplify. Congrats to you husband on the cake below too- looks delicious!!! Gilly

  2. Lynda, so exciting to hear about revamping your studio space and I can't wait to see photos! And what fun to get a little tour of your older and unfinished (and now finished) art projects . . . .

  3. Cool love your collage postcard especially the one with the punk and the zebra ....Thanks for visiting my blog ........x

  4. Hi...are you the Lynda who left a comment on my blog? There wasn't a link for a reply so I googled your name.
    Great collages...I especially like the one with the birds.

  5. hi Linda..yes it was me..thanks for going to all that trouble to google me.x
    thanks everyone else for your lovely commentsxx