Monday, January 10, 2011

Opening another lot of surprises!

Such excitment....bundle opening time!
First one opened was a silk and banana wrap. Subtle but interesting.

The next one is almond shells (which had been until recently were being used in a mulch mix for under a tree on the estate!) wrapped in cotton and then steamed. Liquid was from an Eucalypus dye steam earlier. Really like this shade of brown.
This next piece is cotton wrapped in elastic and then put the Eucalyptus dye and boiled. Love the marks and shades of brown
This piece of old white pillowcase was dyed with Eucalptus leaves and steamed with only other bundles with Eucalypus. So no cross colour changing, from the steam.
Now this images show Eucalypus leaves on silk. What a difference!
Mixture of fabrics steamed with Eucalypus leaves and all the different results. I love this Natural dying "Art". Thanks to India Flint and her book,  for introducing me to all this.

Another piece of the old pillowcase wrapped around rusty cans, wrapped up with elastic bands and steamed over Eucalytus old dye. The really dark browns and almost blacks really make this piece look sinister!
 Canvas wrapped round Eucalptus leaves and a few almond shells.
Went for a walk on Richmond Park and in The Isabella Plantation found this stump! I wish there was a way l could get permission to wrap this  tree trunk! It is a problem because it is on Crown land.


  1. your results with natural dyes and silk are absolutely brilliant Lynda

    I imagine yards and yards of silk draped in your house...I adore the feel of silk (and velvet)

  2. Awesome pieces!! Especially like the Eucalyptus leaves on silk! How long did you have to soak it?

  3. Hi cat. To answer your question..l didn't soak this piece, l put it in a steamer and steamed it for 1 hour. Sometimes l do boil the material sometimes though. The colour orange comes from heat being added to the leaves..not boiling water. See India's book.

  4. Hi Patty. I am so glad my work.I too love silk and velvet. I have to admit, there is a lot of silk and other materials in my house. I have a very understanding husbandx

  5. --oh, love the eucalyptus on silk. Don't have an easy access to the leaves, will have to try finding an understanding florist.I've almost worn out India Flint's book, it's great.

  6. l get my Eucalytus leaves from a florist in Putney....quite a lot for not much money.xxgood luckx yes l love her book too. I was going in a few months to her course being held in Switzerland..but unfortunetly because of Family problems, l am now unable to go.Shame but there will be another time.xxlynda

  7. and you can quite often get good quantities of eucalyptus scrap in the green waste from florists - we scored some lovely stuff from a London florist early last year!