Saturday, January 15, 2011


Another batch of dyeing that is going into the dye pot. This time l am wrapping them differently. No elastic bands but paper clips and metal clips and held down with a brick. These are steam dyed with Eucalyptus leaves only.

The next image is some bundles l steamed the other day being put on a shelf, so l forget them for a while..yeh as if l do that!

This next lot of bundles are materials dyed in blueberries. I am always fascinated how differently each type of material takes the dye.When l first took them out of their dye jar (not steamed) they were a beautiful bright purple but, once dried, much, much, much paler! Although l still like what was achieved.
This piece is blueberries on silk. LOVE this one more than are images of the whole piece.

This is VERY thin cotton, almost gauze. A lovely grey.
This is a piece of canvas that l had left over from a painting..dyes really well. Love this blue/grey colour.

This piece of silk took the dye well and has a lovely quality about it.
A section of that piece of grey silk. Love the creases and l don't think l will iron them out. I also like the way that some of the blue looks purple, then a light blue and then grey. Love this piece.
Really like the way this muslin has taken the dye. I folded it as if doing tie-dye patterns.
 A piece of silk has ghosting  effect on it, really like it.
Interesting patterns on this piece of thick cotton.
 Thick cotton, wrapped with elastic bands.
 A piece of canvas folded and tie-dye.
 A piece of cotton.
 And last but not least, a piece of very old lace, which was given to me by my husband's Grandmother.

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  1. I am having a lovely time catching up with you Lady!

    Each of your dying adventures is just so wonderful...I imagine rooms strung with cords and sumptuous rich silk pieces hanging and fluttering...

    Love the rusty bits and dumpster diving is a whole adventure in itself :)

    Thank you for sharing your passion Lynda!