Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tree bark and cranberries!

Hello folks. l have been having a housework day today..yuck! But to cheer myself up, l also did some dyeing and some unwrapping.
The image below is of a kilna jar full of boiling water and the bark from a Paperbark Maple Tree. It is a beautiful tree, very colourful and the bark feels like papyrus paper.

The next results from my Eco dyeing are from Cranberries! I put the berries in a jar and then covered them in boiling water and left them to "cook". Then a few days later l put a few pieces of cotton and let them "stew"! And here are the results after a long wait.
This is the result on silk.
Then this piece of silk was wrapped round an old iron nail.

I was really pleased with the colour from the cranberries.


  1. Love the results of some of your dyeing experiments Lynda. The ctranberries look great.

  2. You have some really nice effects here.
    Many years ago I used to live in Putney. I worked in Thorntons on Putney High Street in 1985-ish. Thanks for coming to visit me :-)