Monday, January 17, 2011

Dyeing and dumpster diving!

By now you must be very fed up with all my dyeing!... but sorry here are some more images.....l am having so much fun. I am also beginning to start sewing and making some larger pieces, so you will start to see other things soon...promise
This first piece is from the bedspread, dyed in tea.
This piece of the bedspread was wrapped round cranberries and a rusty pipe. The dark brown circles are a placement accident. I left this dry bundle on a tray and then accidental put a wet bundle on top of this dry one!
LOVE the dark elastic band markings on this piece. Can see the embroidery l want to do on this piece already.
A piece steam dyed in blueberries, then dyed again in a new stronger blueberry dye . Love the two tones of the blue and the marks the elastic bands have made.
Bundles drying. I have tried a different method of closing..clips. We have a while to wait to see the results! I hate waiting.......
Silk having dyed in tea with a rusty old nail in it. Made tea much darker!

 Eucalyptus leaves on the pinky/orange colour.
 Very, very thin silk with slight pattern on it. Steamed with rusty tins and metal paper clips.
 This piece of thin silk was wrapped around two flat rusty tins.
 Love the way large metal paper clips leave their marks on the material.
 This is another piece of the bedspread, the largest piece l have dyed to date. Steam dyed first in cranberries, then dipped in cold tea and then a third steam dye with rusty tins and large rusty paper clips. Love it.
 Detailed image of the piece.
 A piece dyed in tea dye and then the tones in this peice.
Today l put my bundles ( wood wrapped in cotton) by the compost heap with my sign to say.. why and who was responsible for this. 2nd image is of pieces covered with leaves. Now to wait 6mths!!!!How will l manage that long without opening one or all of them? Ha!

 Dumpster diving...found an old rusty saw..great. Where is my silk, vinegar and off l go!
This last image is taken of part of one of my favorite trees and l am hoping to turn it into a needlework piece and a print of some sort.


  1. Definitely not fed up with seeing your dye results! Stunning. Your tea-dyeing turns out much darker than mine - I'm guessing you must make a very strong solution and/or leave it longer than I do? I'm also guessing you don't need a mordant with tea.

  2. This is utterly incredible. Fantastic results.

    and I hate waiting, too. :D

  3. I think an artist needs to go with the flow and do what you are compelled to do- you are not done with the dye and finding out what will work and how they will look.

  4. I am FLABberghasted with the amount you are doing! Lovely pieces but my favorites are the heavily marked ones like the last few on this post. I've got more rust that I know what to do with...& a eucalyptus tree so I have no excuse!

  5. To Emma...So go for it and do some dyeingx
    thanks everyone for such nice remarks.x

  6. Amazing photos of your dyeing process - love the earthy colors, the unpredictable results.