Thursday, August 25, 2011

wrapped branches, dye from Eco leaves....

Many many months ago l wrapped a few branches with cotton fabric.

Today l opened one of these branches, l washed it and it is now drying. Looks interesting and there are some interesting marks and colours too. Will show you soon.
I have discovered...much to my delight...quite a few Eculyptus trees in and around my area. This one produces blue/grey dyes (Blue Gum maybe). no more visits to expensive florists and also l know the leaves have not been treated with anything.

This smoother leaf produces a beautiful orange dye and produces good prints as well.
This shows the seeds of the Blue/grey leaf.
This shows the seed of the orange dye leaves. Think these ones are so beautiful.

New bundles just out of the pot.

Seeing what happens when l boil  bark from a Eucalyptus tree. Must find out the names of each tree type.
Getting organised!!

Dyed silk/wool mix...Ecualyptus .

Sorry l have not been here lately...shoulder op and organising my parents 60th Wedding Anniversary, so little spare time. Hopefully after this weekend, another party from my sister's family, l will be back on track!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A walk, a dye bath and some results!

Isn't this a beautiful plant? It was a gift to us from my son Andrew and his wife Gemma.  Thanks guysxx

 I am always on the outlook for bottles l can use in my Art and the other day l found these.....all with the space of a couple of feet of one another. You will never guess where l found them.....on the grass verge outside a Convent!!!!!! The nuns seem to be having a good time each weekend....wonder if Mother Superior knows! Hax

 This was my haul from my walk today.

I have found another Ecu Tree.........think this one will be orange dye but that is half the excitment!!!!

Here are the last lot of bundles..waiting to be dried!!!!
This dahlia has just been the wrapped! I have always hated picking them ever since my dad grew them in his garden, when l was young! Reason.....they were always full of earwigs!!!!!!!!!!!!I picked it very carefully and shook it very hard!!!!
It is in one of these bundles before it went into the dye!!!!.
These are fig leaves being boiled...they smell so nice! I am hoping the colour is yellow/orange! Comment from my husband...from the cook to the Artist.."so kind of you to leave me one space on the cooker for me!"
These are some of my recently opened bundles.

Looking good..........

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Quite a big posting as it may be the last one for a few days.

This is rather a long entry. l just wanted to put up "stuff" l have been working on lately because l am having a shoulder op tomorrow and don't know how long l will be unavailable!!!! So, here goes!
I have just emptied all my "daily walks" stuff and here are the bags being "recycled"! I am getting good at this recycling deal! Ha!
My very good friend Elaine gave me some old, 1950's white cotton sheet bits. It was very sweet of her and, in return, l am going to show her how to eco dye a few of her beautiful cotton and lace bits. The large piece of cloth is a linen bundle l bought from a material shop for a few £'s.
Silk and linen mix material bundled and eco-dyed with Eucalyptus.
 Latest Eucalyptus dyed shirt.
 Back of shirt.
 Love this area in the front of shirt.
 Linen and silk bundle consisting of Eucalyptus leaves, ragwort and a few spare green leaves that were lying around.

Yellow dyed napkin over dyed with rust and Eucalyptus leaves. 

 Wool and Eucalyptus leaves.
 This is a big piece of material l am making from Eco dyed bits and embroidering as l go. It will eventually be made into a jacket or skirt, or maybe both!!
 Close up of embroidered silk.
 Piece of wool dyed with Eucalyptus leaves..washed but not ironed yet. LOVE this piece.

 Different results from 2 different Eucalyptus trees l have found in my area.
 A piece of linen eco-dyed Eucalyptus bath, material bundled with rusty bits.
 Silk and Wool mix bundled with Eucalyptus leaves, Ragwort flowers and leaves.
 Found this drying stand on the roadside... so it was brought home and is now in use..yeh!

 Overflow on hanging rack in kitchen.
 Love adding bits together and then decorating them.

 Just discovered the calming effect of making embroidered circles. I use a lot of circles in my other Art but never in sewing before. I wonder why not?
 New work in progress. I have just started to use an embroidery ring... l always said l never saw the reason to! Now l do!
 LINES... lay-lines, contours, tracks...? Think all these things insinuate their way into my work at the moment.

 Nature's magic, with a little help from me.

Well... off to have, hopefully, a good sleep  before my op tomorrow afternoon. Yes l am scared, but it needs to be done... so... see you in a few days. Lynda x