Sunday, August 7, 2011

Quite a big posting as it may be the last one for a few days.

This is rather a long entry. l just wanted to put up "stuff" l have been working on lately because l am having a shoulder op tomorrow and don't know how long l will be unavailable!!!! So, here goes!
I have just emptied all my "daily walks" stuff and here are the bags being "recycled"! I am getting good at this recycling deal! Ha!
My very good friend Elaine gave me some old, 1950's white cotton sheet bits. It was very sweet of her and, in return, l am going to show her how to eco dye a few of her beautiful cotton and lace bits. The large piece of cloth is a linen bundle l bought from a material shop for a few £'s.
Silk and linen mix material bundled and eco-dyed with Eucalyptus.
 Latest Eucalyptus dyed shirt.
 Back of shirt.
 Love this area in the front of shirt.
 Linen and silk bundle consisting of Eucalyptus leaves, ragwort and a few spare green leaves that were lying around.

Yellow dyed napkin over dyed with rust and Eucalyptus leaves. 

 Wool and Eucalyptus leaves.
 This is a big piece of material l am making from Eco dyed bits and embroidering as l go. It will eventually be made into a jacket or skirt, or maybe both!!
 Close up of embroidered silk.
 Piece of wool dyed with Eucalyptus leaves..washed but not ironed yet. LOVE this piece.

 Different results from 2 different Eucalyptus trees l have found in my area.
 A piece of linen eco-dyed Eucalyptus bath, material bundled with rusty bits.
 Silk and Wool mix bundled with Eucalyptus leaves, Ragwort flowers and leaves.
 Found this drying stand on the roadside... so it was brought home and is now in use..yeh!

 Overflow on hanging rack in kitchen.
 Love adding bits together and then decorating them.

 Just discovered the calming effect of making embroidered circles. I use a lot of circles in my other Art but never in sewing before. I wonder why not?
 New work in progress. I have just started to use an embroidery ring... l always said l never saw the reason to! Now l do!
 LINES... lay-lines, contours, tracks...? Think all these things insinuate their way into my work at the moment.

 Nature's magic, with a little help from me.

Well... off to have, hopefully, a good sleep  before my op tomorrow afternoon. Yes l am scared, but it needs to be done... so... see you in a few days. Lynda x


  1. best of luck with the op and a speedy recovery. you really have been busy - great pieces.

  2. Dear Lynda ~ Sending healing wishes and good vibes your way...hope you have a speedy recovery and that you are good as new!

    So much to enjoy in this always when I come to visit!
    Your embroidered silks are amazing...
    take care dear one

  3. thanks both of you. Am home from hospital now but spent longer than expected as my pain medication couldn't be got uncontrol for a while. Am now glad to be home, groggy, in some pain but glad to be back in my own bed next to tony! xxlynda

  4. Oh wow...this is an amazing post...I love the natural dye effects and the stitched work is gorgeous. Best wishes for a very speedy recovery x

  5. Yes, you have a lot of wonderful images-- died cloths and embroidered stitches-- all adding up to a wonderful creative time.

  6. Inspired by your stitching on beautiful dyed fabrics - I really struggle to combine the two successfully.
    Hope you're recovering well, thank you for your comments on my indigo posting.

  7. great post, so many gorgeous images. I really hope your operation went well and you are now recovering?? Thanks for following too!

  8. Hi!
    Thanks for the comments on my blog. I hope you are feeling better every day. I love how you use your kitchen for the really important things! Art!

  9. Thanks everyone...l am feeling a lot better but still in a bit of pain but at least l am home and moving my arm more each hour!

  10. Lynda, what visual feast this was! I loved it -- and I hope you're on the mend, feeling good, and that your shoulder will be better than ever...

  11. Such beautiful images..and such lovely work..yes, hope you are on the mend , Lynda! Lovely to see you on my blog, too!

  12. Hope your surgery goes extra fine, with good recovery time. I adore the embroidered ecobits that may become a jacket.

  13. Lovely results. I shared your post on my facebook page.. I have a few ardent textile artists amongst my friends. Love your nature pictures in the last post too! Take care, Kitty

  14. Best wishes for a speedy recovery <3
    Lovely eco dyed fabrics : )

  15. Hope all ok. Beautiful work and stitches. x

  16. these are fantastic Lynda ....the stitching is amazing on the dyed background........i hope you had gloves on when you were collecting the ragwort...x

  17. yes l did have gloves on...l am a good girl!x

  18. Love the stitching you are doing on these pieces!