Thursday, August 25, 2011

wrapped branches, dye from Eco leaves....

Many many months ago l wrapped a few branches with cotton fabric.

Today l opened one of these branches, l washed it and it is now drying. Looks interesting and there are some interesting marks and colours too. Will show you soon.
I have discovered...much to my delight...quite a few Eculyptus trees in and around my area. This one produces blue/grey dyes (Blue Gum maybe). no more visits to expensive florists and also l know the leaves have not been treated with anything.

This smoother leaf produces a beautiful orange dye and produces good prints as well.
This shows the seeds of the Blue/grey leaf.
This shows the seed of the orange dye leaves. Think these ones are so beautiful.

New bundles just out of the pot.

Seeing what happens when l boil  bark from a Eucalyptus tree. Must find out the names of each tree type.
Getting organised!!

Dyed silk/wool mix...Ecualyptus .

Sorry l have not been here lately...shoulder op and organising my parents 60th Wedding Anniversary, so little spare time. Hopefully after this weekend, another party from my sister's family, l will be back on track!!


  1. Lynda, I really enjoyed this post. You have so many bundles to unroll -- exciting! Eucalyptus offers so much, wish it grew here in Colorado...have to try the fresh from the florist to see what I'm missing out on...

  2. thanks for visiting and l hope you can get fresh leaves near youxxhave funxxlynda

  3. I have or rather HAD a huge eucalyptus in my garden neighbours asked if a tree surgeon could come and cut a branch that was overhanging their garden .......yes I said no problem .....but there was a problem they took EVERY leaf and most of the branches off it !!!! ........still the wonder of nature is the eucalyptus does grow back vigorously and it had already started sprouting leaves all over ....i was not a happy bunny ......looking forward to seeing your experiments develop ....hope you are recovering well now ...xx

  4. I am recovering well but shoulder still sore and the exercises are hard work but worth in the end l hope. Oh all those leaves and bark on tap...droolxxxx

  5. What a fascinating post Lynda, super cool process and great results, love the colours! Mx

  6. thanks Margaret.x Have some more "stuff" to show but my shoulder seems to be slowing me down!.. but l will be back on form soon.x lynda

  7. great pics of your leafy bounty and berries and wonderful simmering pots of beautiful bundles!

    nice to know you can still play some and how lovely a 60th wedding celebration will be!
    Enjoy * Enjoy!

  8. Thanks for your comments of y eco-print on nuno felt top. Found you've a wealth knowledge of print and dye. Love following you. You asked if it's easy to make nuno felt. It's not hard only some tricky to make seamless clothing. I hardly seen self taught of this but only nuno felt scarves. So I flew to Holland to learn this. I'm from Hong Kong. I'll post some more to share later.