Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A walk, a dye bath and some results!

Isn't this a beautiful plant? It was a gift to us from my son Andrew and his wife Gemma.  Thanks guysxx

 I am always on the outlook for bottles l can use in my Art and the other day l found these.....all with the space of a couple of feet of one another. You will never guess where l found them.....on the grass verge outside a Convent!!!!!! The nuns seem to be having a good time each weekend....wonder if Mother Superior knows! Hax

 This was my haul from my walk today.

I have found another Ecu Tree.........think this one will be orange dye but that is half the excitment!!!!

Here are the last lot of bundles..waiting to be dried!!!!
This dahlia has just been the wrapped! I have always hated picking them ever since my dad grew them in his garden, when l was young! Reason.....they were always full of earwigs!!!!!!!!!!!!I picked it very carefully and shook it very hard!!!!
It is in one of these bundles before it went into the dye!!!!.
These are fig leaves being boiled...they smell so nice! I am hoping the colour is yellow/orange! Comment from my husband...from the cook to the Artist.."so kind of you to leave me one space on the cooker for me!"
These are some of my recently opened bundles.

Looking good..........


  1. obviously you are back to your old self if you can carry all those bottles home - or did the nuns help?

  2. Hax.....carried home in trolley!±!!yes better but still sorexxthanks

  3. Wow Lynda, these are amazing. It's great with this type of dyeing that you can both cook food and bundles at the same time and not really worry about the toxic elements, when i was natural dyeing I had to clean kitchen top to bottom after for fear of any mordents or modifiers or dyestuffs getting into the dinner! looks like you are managing quite well to make art everyday!

  4. l do not use mordents and actually l do clean up VERY carefully after each session. I have my own saucepans, lids, spoons etc. Tony was just joking! l do realise how careful we have to be all the time.xxGlad you liked my end results.x OIndia is very clear about all thatx. it sounds Brenna you do not dye any that true?xxwhy if l may ask?xxlynda

  5. Great post!
    Hillarious that you found those bottles outside a convent!! :)

    I wanted to thank you, too, for joining my art blog hop!
    I really enjoy following your blog and reading your posts!

    Mary C. Nasser

  6. How funny to find all those bottles outside of a convent-- you must have a wonderful time gathering and searching for your 'finds' for your bundles and dyeing.. when you open a bundle and see what has transpired - must be exciting.

  7. It all looks so delicious. Hope the shoulder is on the mend.

  8. WOW! You found a great stash! Love your natural dyes and the colors that you achieve! Amazing stuff...awesome blog!

  9. Ha ha...great finds! I'm heading out to pick some fig leaves leaning into our backyard to die a bundle. Thanks for inspiring your newest follower!

  10. Hi, Linda. I hope you have less pain on your arm now... Thank you for visiting and commenting in my blog! I appreciate it very much!

    Dying with natural ingredients is a mistery for me. But it's nothing but painting in a very very small way, is it?

  11. Dear Lynda ~ what to my surprise to see your comment and kind wishes on my Magpie's Nest
    Thank you!
    and I kid you not I was JUST thinking about you and planning to visit.

    You are back at your wonderful work/play great to see

    Too funny about the very fine bottle collection outside the convent LOL

    That dahlia looks the size of a dinner plate...lovely!
    Always a delight to see what you are up to!