Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Three eco-dyed articles of my clothing.

Just thought l would let you see the latest items of clothing l have dyed, washed, ironed and now wear!

 Just love them.
This is of my soft cotton T-shirt and l really like the leaf pattern on the front of the t-shirt. Where as before, when l first started, l just made bundles and was amazed at their outcome, now l think about placement more. Especially when the designs are to be made on ready made clothes. Material l make to design into "something" l experiment more with placement, flowers, plants etc.

 This is my cotton shirt.

 This is the dress which was white and made of 100% viscose, so l was really pleased to see how it came out. Have just started to add stitching to it!

Well ....those are three old Charity shop finds, which l have been wearing for many years before l decided to eco-dye them. So this maybe their 3, 4 or even 6 th lease of life! Ha... India would be proud of me!Ha.


  1. They are each wonderful! So organic (and I like organic). They seem to have come from the woods. Your placement is great.

  2. Beautiful pieces and timeless elgance. I like the subtle color and pattern.