Thursday, October 28, 2010

Silk and wall-hangings

This is the second in my latest silkpainting...rather pleased with it .
This my latest wall-hanging, just needs tabs to hang it from. I have even chosen the stick to hang  it on. This is the largest  one l have maded so far.
Below are some images of the details of this latest hanging.

This is the first time l have made deliberate gaps in the hanging and closed them slightly by adding buttons and thread.

Can you see the buttons l have added, to hang down the side of the wall hanging?
These are the sticks l collected on Wimbledon Common the other day, for my hangings.


  1. Your wall hangings are DELICIOUS. Bright vibrant colors and such lovely stitching and embellishments.

  2. Love the hangings Lynda. Did you meet any Wombles on your travels? :)

  3. No wombles but a few strange people l have to admit!Hax