Saturday, November 6, 2010

heads and feet

I have been experimenting with clay, airdrying kind and Fimo. I wanted to make some small faces to add to some paintings l am working on. The pale ones are baked in the oven and the brown are airdrying. Love them both.

Things l found and bought in Camden Passage Market in Islington. Had an amazing morning just wandering through all the stalls.
I have been reading India Flint's Eco dyeing book, that Tony bought for my birthday. It is an amazing book and l have been trying out some of the ideas. I collected loads of leaves...

I wrapped all the leaves up in paper or silk, sprayed them with vinegar ( the silk only), tied them up with string and put them in the steamer over let the steam do it's stuff. As you will see from the images didn't quite turn out the way l hoped. I kept checking there was water in the pan and that the plastic steamer was raised on a rack above the pan! Unfortunetly, l didn't watch the water level enough because all of a sudden the flat was full of toxic smoke........not good.!!!!!

Oh well...we now have a new baking tray and a new, metal steamer (something good came out of this disaster) here we go again!! Fingers crossed........Hope to show you the "un-burnt" pieces at a later date!!!!

Winter is here!..The image below is at 4.30 on a Friday sad!!!


  1. Do you use a pressure cooker, Lynda? I believe I read somewhere that they can be used to steam the silk.

  2. I want to wander some stalls looking for treasures with you!