Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dyeing Process and new wool!

More experimenting with my Eco is the beginning of my store cupboard! Beetroot juice, old tea leaves, dried flowers and rubber bands!! Always knew these old yogurt pots were worth saving, when the machine broke about 8 years ago! Find it hard to throw anything away.
 I am now wrapping paper and leaves round a jar, so that leaves are pressed tight against the paper or silk.
 The boiling begins....for 3 hours.
 The silk from the last boiling session drying. This is the first of the ones tied around a jar. Fingers crossed for it to work better this time. So exciting.

 These are some of the steamed packages now encased in plastic waiting to be unwrapped in early December.
 I have made a decision to change from Beeswax to Soy Wax, to become a more Greeen Artist.
 It is interesting to see the difference in colour between the two waxes. The white one is Soy, the Bees wax is yellow.

Last week l went to Islington and discovered a fantastic, but expensive, wool shop. The two small balls of wool are for creating French knitting and the other thread was just so gorgeous I couldn't resist it..not sure yet what l am going to use it for!!!
 Spent quite a few hours this week pressing leaves for further use in Dyeing and Art work. Telephone books have so many uses!

Some of my dyeing results..a long way before l am going to be happy with the results, l think. But half the fun is the doing!


  1. what great fun! I admire your plunging in.. with that attitude, great results are sure to come your way soon.
    BTW I found u on Kelly's blog hop :-)

  2. Hi Lynda, I havent tried this wrap around technique but will def give it ago now.
    Congratulations, your the foil winner!
    let me have you address and I will post the bundle out this week :)

  3. This is all just so interesting! I've never tried dying things this way - boiling and then waiting so long too. It will be fun to see the end results.