Monday, November 8, 2010

Dyeing and hangings...not as gruesome as it sounds..l promise!

As many of you know, l am experimenting with natural dyeing...not of me but of silk and paper! Through this l have been really looking at the berries, fungi,lichen and leaves around my house, Wimbledon Common and Richmond Park. I really was surprised to realise the back of this leaf is actually the leaf you see below. I have found out so many things about nature since l started this project. It all started with see an advert for India Flint's new book about Eco dyeing...! Little did l know how involved l would become in this craft. l have had one disaster ( l expect many more) but that hasn't and won't stopped me trying.

This image below are some of the steamed and tied bundles waiting to dry and then l will open them.....fingers crossed and see what l have. I also have some other pieces wrapped and in plastic bags and will be opened in 1 month's time!!! I am not good at waiting!
Below are the next two hanging l have completely finished. As you can see you can hang them on natural wood, which l collected from Putney Heath or a pole, in fact any thing.

 A close-up of part of one of the hangings.


  1. Hi Lynda, I'm here via Norah's Faces. Love your hangings. Are all the patches embroidered? I like the display twig too :)

  2. I'm loving your natural dyes and all of the experimenting you are doing. How wonderful that it has gotten you in such close contact with nature, too!

  3. The patches are quilted, embrodered and have buttons sewn on. Glad you like them
    Hi Dayna..thanks for visiting...l am having a great timexxmiss youxlynda