Saturday, November 20, 2010

foil, apples and dyeing!

Look what arrived in my Post to-day...a parcel full of wonderful foil which l won in a giveaway from Liniecat@Large. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. I have never used foil before so another exciting time lies ahead of me, while l experiment some more!!
A few days ago, Tony and some friends of ours were having lunch in a restaurant in Central London before we went to see The Lion King.( More on thatr later) Do you know what they are? Someone said cherries or  maybe they could be an apple?

I think it could be a crabapple but they were very hard and tasted awful!! Very interesting though l thought. They were inside a glass bowl and actually look really good as a table decoration.

More dyeing on the go! I really am enjoying experimenting with all this natural eco dyeing. Thanks India Flint.
My friend the other day thought we were having Pork Roll for supper when she saw my latest dye experiment in a pot, on the stove!!

Here are some of my drying, empty teabags which l have started to use in my Art and journalling pages. The tea leaves are not wasted as l use them for either making some paper look old or in dyeing some material. Nothing goes to waste in my house!

Art is so much fun...even when it all goes wrong....nobody knows but you!!!


  1. So glad the foil arrived okay for you. There should be plenty there to play and learn with!
    Love the pot roast comment lolol bet it didnt smell that good surely?
    Those little apple-y things were beneath a tree recently on the road side, council planted long since, but I couldnt stop to gather any and road sweepers had been round when next I was there.
    It may be a crab apple variant and make great tasting jelly but its more likely to be the ornamental than wild variant I think. Let me know if it dyes please! Meanwhile I too will keep an eye out for whatever it is and be under the tree next year with a basket! Might try ringing the council dept that would know about trees planted on their roads...hadnt thought o do that before, will keep you posted tho :)

  2. I've been using my teabag paper in my art journal ... I gesso it down and lightly gesso over it after .... I'm in love with with the texture and the color.

  3. it is great isn't it......l have tried letting the tea bags dry and then they have the different dark and light browns on the teabag.xlynda