Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Results of dyeing, clothes and decoration.

Nearly three weeks ago l wrapped up a full length linen coat, a cotton top and a linen apron shirt, using Eucalyptus leaves. It was the first time l had really done big pieces and it was not easy but l enjoyed the challenge. I put the bundles in the cupboard in the bathroom, that has a hot water pipe running through it. So just a slightly warm space. Managed to forget about them until just over three weeks.. found them covered in mould! So unwrapped, scapped of leaves and most of the mould and then put through the washing machine. Very pleased with the results.

This is the long jacket.
 Back view!
 This is the top.
 This is the apron skirt...back
 front with pockets.
Really happy with these dyed clothes! On the jacket l am going to be doing some decorative sewing..watch this space. I am also going to sew some decoration on the front pockets of the skirt. I am having so much fun..as if you hadn't already guessed!! Ha!
The next image is of a piece l finished a week or so ago. I really am in love with this piece and have decided to add it to another skirt in the next day or so, as a piece of decoration.
The long narrow piece added to the canvas is the first piece of felt l have ever made.
 I finished this piece last night.
Night all!


  1. exciting results,you have been busy. Love the linen jacket, do we get a picture of you wearing it?

  2. Nice work Lynda, I must work how to list this blog on mine as I risk missing your very interesting work.

  3. thank you you wonderful people. Please don't loose me Maryxxx yes when l have finished creating the embroidery onthe jacket..you will see me wearing it..promisex lynda

  4. oh such beautiful results with the euc leaves. and i love your stitching. i've just started experimenting with euc leaves that were gifted to me. we can't grow that here in texas.

  5. Oh wow...love how the clothing came out. Would definitely love to see the next phase when you finish.

  6. im really impressed with your results here, and your felt, its really beautiful.