Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dyeing, Nature, bundles and embroidery!

I have been having a lot of fun lately learning all about the flowers, plants and trees in  my area. You all know the reason why..can l dye with them? I have learnt so much from India about how to go about using Nature safely. I have started a sort of diary of what is around me, l then take a photo, check it on google and write all the details down. Then when l have dyed with will go the sample.  I have also talked to the Florists around me and they give me their waste when ever l ask for it and also l get onion skins from the Supermarket. It is not often you say you get something free from Sainsburies!Ha
I bring my "hoard" home and then put it into bags until l use it.
Tonight l did some dyeing. Silk for the first bundle...which consists of different coloured roses, rose leaves, plum leaves and fuchsia's.  

 Next bundle is cotton..consisting of large daisies, purple poppies and red and yellow rose petals.

Next bundle was a net bag which l put pink and red roses and rose buds inside and then wrapped up bag with yellow onion skins.

 The first five bundles waiting to go into the pot.
A piece of old cotton pillow case bundle...all rose petals. The pink petals with the yellow tips are so beautiful.
This parcel wrapped up with wool that l had dyed on my Course last week. It was dyed with madder, see last blog entry.
 Loads of odds and sods from florist bundled up in very thin cotton.
Wrapped up into a bundle using rope, Sycamore seeds that are green and pale pink and rose leaves.
A long piece of white cotton that l did not like from last time it was dyed, so over dyed using plum  leaves to see what happens!
Here are a few more embroideried pieces of Eco dyed silk. I take my inspirations from nature, such as tree bark, landscapes or flowers.

Sometimes l like to work the stitches very close together to give the surface depth and character. Other times l like to make one line stitches to simplify the area and clarify what l am doing. I am not sure who actually decides what happens next me or the cloth!
This is the next piece l am working on, which is three pieces of silk worked together and still growing. I wanted to combine pieces together and see where that takes the work.

 More magic taking place..these are the bundles l have just been talking about....

 Now off to see how best to use these gorgeous blue flowers.
Oh before l go wanted to show you the images l took of bees yesterday...they were every where..amazing insects and l just love them...The first one is not brillant but l rather like it.

 Does any one know what these are called~?
Thought l would also show you the sort of things that inspire my embroidery work as l talk about it earlier. Hope you enjoy what you see..!


  1. So many lovely pictures to enjoy = WOWEE!
    it is delightful suspense to see what you gather and rescue made into bundles and then more magic happens...very special getting to see more of your finished pieces are a whirling dervish of creativity...Love it!
    Happy June to you and yours Lynda
    I fancy bees and could watch them for hours too!

  2. Hi Patty. Thanks for the nice comments. xx

  3. Hi Lynda, I love your flower bundles and your embroidery is so beautiful!! xoxo

  4. Those bundles look very exciting!

  5. I am opening them tomorrow Claire!!!!!x

  6. You've been a busy girl! I love all of your photos and descriptions!

  7. What a hive of industry! And how exciting those bundles look - you have some really beautiful flowers there.

  8. Looks like you have been having lots of fun. Your stitching is making these pieces simply divine. Look forward to seeing more :-)

  9. I was thinking just yesterday about you when I was trying to wash out a lily stain. The pollen on the lily stamens makes what I think is a permanent yellowish orange stain. Permanent!!

    I love to see all of the stitching .... Your work is inspiring!

    I think that flower you are wondering about may be a wild bleeding heart. We have it growing in the woods around here and it looks somewhat like that.

  10. i'm curious as to when, if ever, you find time to sleep :>)

  11. You certainly are busy.
    'HerStory' is in The Link Gallery,Winchester to 8th July.
    Scroll down and you will see the flyer with details of opening times
    Thanks for your comments.

  12. hit the nail on the head....l don't sleep well! thank you every one for your lovely comments.xxyour support is great. lyndax

  13. Holy Moly!!! This is the most interesting thing I have seen in a long time. Very cool work.