Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Exhibition.

This is the start of my 3 day exhibition with Wandsworth Artists Co-operative. They asked me if l would like to be a "Visiting Artist " which l was very pleased to say "Yes" to.
This image shows us waiting for the guys to deliver the frames...stressful time as this was the first time they had used this company. They arrived a bit late but then the hard work started...which person has which screen? 
We were allowed to start putting the images up from 8.30pm.....the last person left at 11pm l was told! Sometimes it takes ages to actually get the positioning correct.
My 2 screens ( 1mtr by 2mtrs) were in the inside section of the display and I was pleased with the end result. I was surprised by how good everybodies Art looked on black screens not the usual white.
 Work in progress.
This shows my paper hangings being hung on thread and wood. I was very pleased with tthe framing l did for my Silkpaintings.

This is the glass ceiling above our Exhibition. It looks beautiful but when the sun shone my goodness it was VERY hot!

I have found this exhibition a bit hard sales for me yet. It is depressing but l will cope even though l feel "Why am l doing this"!! The life of an Artist is often stressful! Here is hoping tomorrow  will be better!


  1. better luck tomorrow, although it doesn't have anything to do with luck. your display looks great, it's not your work, it's all about the public - sometimes they just don't "get it". chin up!

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  3. I thought l was ok but actualy l am a very disheartened artist. Not one sale over a 3 day sale and no sales in the Upgallery either! I give l don't give up because l can't, as l HAVE to be creative each is my sanity ! I do not understand people who say.."Why is it so much" when they won't pay £2.50 for a one of my origanal card but have just spent £4.50 on a commercial one. I will boune back but may take a day or two but l am still smiling! The group have decided the l can be part of this Co-op rather than just be a visitor!xlynda

  4. Lynda, don't be disheartened, your work is wonderful - bright, imaginative,really fun and beautifully worked. It's not you or your work. Sometimes you just don't get an appreciative public, they don't "do" anything themselves and compare everything to what they buy at the dollar store. Do you have those in England?? they must be called something else. Maybe this isn't the right venue for you.

  5. Your work at the exhibition was visually stunning! And I agree - people will pay more for a commercial card than for a handmade one; it's their loss! Hang in there and keep creating.

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  7. I'm glad I found my way to your website Lynda, your work is lovely :) Don't be discouraged about lack of sales. Perhaps as someone else mentioned, this may not be the best venue for you. Or maybe you could educate your customers a little about your process by sharing some "work-in-progress" photos or video. I find that everyone is fascinated by the process an artist uses to make their art. Keep up the great work :)

    Ooops - sorry about the deleted post above, I hit the wrong button.

    Linda Matthews

  8. I'm sure you have bounced back by now; most of us know the feeling, and it almost makes it worse when 'they' what lovely works of art but certainly will not part with a penny!
    Have no expectations, other than enjoying yourself and observing the funny sides of human nature.