Monday, May 2, 2011

Work for two exhibitions this weekend! Eco-dyeing and Silk-painting.

This my first experiment to attached a finished embroidered piece to a large sheet of rough watercolour paper and then attach the two together. I will be then using a stick to hang it from. I am really happy with how it is turning out. 

This is the next one..just started tthe stitching on this one. I find l have to sit and look at the piece very carefully before l start to stitch. The piece seems to talk to me!

I really enjoyed sewing this piece. It is a heavier piece of silk and shiny on one side and matt on other. It took me awhile to decide which side to use. I am not usually keen on shiny silk but this piece won me over.

Just creating some new Silk-painted pieces for next weekend's show. Phew... have two shows running at same time...was not intended to be so but..that's life.
This is a piece of many seperate pieces , this is the way l like to work. Some are for a 3 image frame and another for a 2 image frame..others for cutting up to make into cards and business cards.

This image is of two larger pieces. Just thought l would show you with and without a frame around it. Now off to paint more..l love being an Artist!..on a good day anyway!Ha.

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  1. once you get started with exhibitions there's no stopping you. good luck! love the combination fabric/paper pieces and the stitching joining them