Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Most recent work plus LOADS of images to wet your imagination!

Here are my latest pieces drying and l am really pleased with some of these.

From bits and pieces from the garden like, tulips and a poppy on a mixture of wool and mohair. It dyes  beautifully.
Next bundles being created!

Tony, Jenny and l went to Kew Gardens on Tuesday and l thought l would show you the sort of images l take. These are some inspirations for my work. Feast your eyes of these images and let your imagination run riot my friends. Enjoy

This is called The Jade Vine..funnily enough!

I hope these images have wetted your imaginationx


  1. oh, nature's patterns are amazing, fabulous place. I never got to Kew Gardens when I lived in England, certainly regret it. Keep up the dyeing.

  2. wow so much in bloom, thanks for taking me along with you to Kew Gardens


  3. Oh that's all so fantastic! I love that stripy trunk towards the top.

  4. Beautiful images and intriguing dyed pieces!