Sunday, April 17, 2011

Adeena and my first piece of completed Eco slow sewing.

As l promised in an earlier entry. A very special visitor to my Exhibition... Miss Adeena... Isn't she gorgeous? and still only 8 months.
I have started to embroider some of the Eco dyed material l have created over the last 4 or 5 months. This first work was a vintage piece of cotton from France, a piece of underwear, l think. It is quite fragile but as long as l take care sewing it, it doesn't tear.
Close up images of the work l have done on the top. I just went where the thread seemed to want to go..if that doesn't sound too daft!!

 This is a piece of canvas that l am going to work on next l think.


  1. beautiful baby, she puts a smile on my face. Really like the work you are doing on your eco dyed piece. You're going to be busy as I know you have rather a lot of those pieces

  2. She is gorgeous isn 't she. She is a friend's daughter and l am sort of her adopted granny as her real one is in Pakistan. you know me too well!haxx l do have a lot of pieces!!!!

  3. This is really beautiful...I am sure it is even more so in person! Cheers!