Monday, April 11, 2011

The show and other things.

The exhibition went well.......and l am so glad l did it. To see my Art on a white wall was a great inspiration to me. As l  no longer have a studio, l don't see my work as a whole any more and l had not realised how important that is until now. Also, l saw an another Artist today who really opened my eyes to how my work could move on. That was what l have been missing, being on my own so much over the last few years.
 The gallery owner was great and laid on a spread for visitors to the Open Gallery day.
He also supplied wine, orange juice and water. It was a great day all round actually and l also enjoyed meeting new people and getting some feedback.
Today, l went to the loo and, while waiting for a cubicle to be cleaned,...l got bored, as you l took some images. The attendant was confused and l did giggle at the expresstion on his face! Rather good images l think actually. As you can see l have changed my hair colour again!!!

My last lot of Eco dyeing was quite interesting. This last dye was wasp galls from the Oak trees in Rutland. Different depths of brown depending on the material used. Felt was the material that took the dyes best, then silk, cotton/cotton lace and so on. 

These are from a coffee dye.

These are... believe it or not ....from lemons bundled into felted wool . The yellow and orange stayed this strong even after a wash.
The cans were from the art shop Atlantis and they are such gorgeous colours. I bought them to do some experiments with stencils, paper and fabric.

I have decided to try and go to the Book fair in Bristol at the end of April. The last time l went to see it, it was great fun and l learnt quite a bit about book making also met some interesting people.
Another amazing find in the charity shop...loads of great lace and all for £5.00.
Also in the shop was this skirt made in India, for £3.00! The skirt was too big for me and also very, very heavy! So l am going to use it in my material wall hangings.
Also in the "cheap" box l found this scarf...l had a great day and came home with some interesting "stuff". I love Charity shops, don't you?


  1. happy to hear the show went well. I'll have to try dyeing with lemons, wonder what limes would do? we don't get such wonderful "stuff" at our charity shops - at any price. Maybe I should set up a charity shop tourist tour??

  2. Your artwork looks really lovely and special gracing the walls Lynda! I can only imagine what a great feeling it is to see your creations showcased like that!

    Love your lemon dying...but then again all of your dye work is exciting...even your hair :)

    You truly are a girl after my own heart...I go everywhere including the restroom (Loo is such a fun word) never knows what you'll find to snap a picture of

    oh and YES, I actually have to try and stay out of thrift shoppes ... so many temptations and is filling up fast here with all that rescuing heehee!


  3. thanks girls for your wonderful words of encouragement. Is loo not a word you use in America? An that's an idea..a tour of charity mind is really thinking about that one!xxlynda

  4. your exhibition looks great lynda. congratulations.


  5. Congrats! Glad to hear that your exhibition went well!
    There a some draw backs to working in our studios alone all the time. I come up against that all the time and my feedback will come from people at shows, my blog or on Flickr.
    If you haven't checked out Flickr, it is a great place to network with other artists.

  6. Lynda congrats on your show and thanks for stopping over at my blog. Yes I love thrift stores too and I have to not go in them also haha .. I find way too many treasures there too!! I call myself a thrift store junkie. Anyway nice to see your lovely art and join you with Jude's fabulous teaching!

  7. You have been a busy lady, but it looks like you're happy. Exhibition looks like it was a very nice affair and how exciting to see your work on the walls. I'm loving your dyeing experiments (wasp galls? really?) and I love your boldness (and your new hair color).