Monday, May 9, 2011

Flowers and thinking about dyeing!

Look ..l found an Eucalyptus tree just down the road from me...l am so excited. No more having to pay for them to use in my Eco-dyeing experiments.

The roses are out early this year. Here are a few l  found on my walk the other day. I will be collecting some petals for dye experimenting when they start to drop.

Then joy of joys l found another Eucalyptus tree, this time down in Putney!!
I wonder why this branch decided to curl like this?
Oh my goodness what colour!

Never seen these seeds this colour before. I normally see them green or brown. This colour makes them look so fragil.

Just checking up on my bundles...looking good. I wonder how much longer l can bear to leave them before l open them?

Wow...l have only seen these as a blue/purple colour before. When it is white it looks magical and more fragil.
Look at the amazing colours of these Pansies....l feel a dye experiment brewing!

I have to find out the name for this shrubt, it is all around in our estate and l love its dark almost black leaves. This is the first year l have ever seen it in flower. I think it is beautiful.


  1. Such amazing floral photographs and very cool that you will be experimenting with some of them in your various potions and dyes!

  2. and there are a couple more eucalypts in the park by the westway flyover near the Hammersmith bridge...

  3. you're such a lucky girl having your -own- eucalypts around the corner. Hope to see your results soon...........

  4. Lynda, the euca tree is massive! Do they grow wild down there? Here only in gardens. Lucky girl you are! ps: lovely to discover that you keep a blog! :)