Sunday, June 19, 2011

Poppies, brass and flowers

Picking wild, red poppies and picking up spent petals on the road side...millions of them filling fields and road sides in Rutland. I intend to spread the seeds and use the petals for dyeing.

 Laid out for bundling. I have not used Poppies before so am excited to see if any magic happens.
 My shirt all wrapped up with petals and leaves!
 All ready to await the magic to happen.
Onion skin bath made in my brass pot..waiting to see what happens. Will show results when completed.
 I am off to find out what this plant is.....see you later!


  1. Oh, I love, love, love, poppies! I just saw some today with purple flowers on sage colored leaves. Gorgeous! I can't wait to see how your shirt turns out!

  2. Neither can l!! My problem is trying not to open the bundles, so l have hidden them out of sight. I have put them in the airing cupboard!!!!!! I am hoping for a week but l will see how l last! hax

  3. You look like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz in that poppy field...what fun Lynda..can't wait to see how the poppies do in the bath.

    I've just been rusting some fabrics these past couple of days.

    Your botanical approach is really lovely!

  4. cant wait to see the results linda, its so much fun dyeing your own shirts, i do it every summer. don't forget to show us how it turns out.


  5. Fabulous, such wonderful work in the last few posts (just catching up here now i'm feeling much better, thanks!)Don't seem to have any poppies in my garden yet...You inspire me to try some other flowers, i guess it's a little like alternative composting!

  6. Lynda, I can't wait to see all your dye bundles revealed -- each one is a little piece of living art. Just delicious. I'm really curious with this onion dye -- I always worry it'll get past the flowers and leaves. Probably just my inexperience showing!

  7. That yellow flower is ragwort and extremely poisonous! It kills more horses than any other means and there is a ragwort act compelling it's destruction by farmers.
    Lovely to find your blog and will spend some time going back over your wonderful experiments! Isn't the interwebby fabulous!

  8. It ok Julie l know all about wagwort but thanks for the reminder. Thanks everyone for your encouraging wordsxxlyndaxxx

    And yes..the interwebby is fabulous invention