Thursday, November 5, 2009

The last three days "art everyday" challenge!

Hi everyone, l have been very lax at putting my daily art up here for the last 3 days, as l have been so busy. But l am proud of myself that l have at least attempted to produce something each day. As Leah says in todays ( day 5 ) survial guide. "Always have a camera in your hand for inspiration or to have a different view of the everyday!"  This something l do all the time, l am very rarely without my camera. It is my third eye...or so my friends have been heard to say!

Day 2 of Challenge
Anyway...I have been working in my  Art Journal everyday... just putting things together and see how they go. The first Challenge journal page is how l felt when l came back from a very crowded, noisy and very dirty tube train ride from central London!. All  l seemed to see were cig ends and rubbish and discarded rail/tube tickets all over the train and station. Here is my frustration worked out in art form!

I bought some of the cig ends home with me...yes l know not very" hygienic" but this is ART people! ha I aslo picket up the small charm you can see on the right handside of the page.Then l went and dug around in my "lost and found " box (or my family call it..mums rubbish bin!) and found some old tickets and got to work. When finished, l felt a lot better and no more feeling tired and frustrated. Isn't Art wonderful?

Day 3 of Challenge
Today is day three and l went for a walk in the woods this afternoon and found a skeleton leaf, and a feather and decided when l got home this would be the foundation of my journal page today. As it was almost dark by the time l got home, decided to have the background a beautiful blue/purple and work from there.

I was rather pleased with it actually!
Day 4 of Challenge
When l thought abought what l would do for todays "Bit of Art"..l thought silk painting. I am making a childrens alphabet quilt and P is for penguins. So this is todays art challenge piece.

My silk paintings are normally SO full of colours but this one being penguins and far more subdued!

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  1. I especially like the feather and leaf skeleton piece! And the penguins. :)