Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 6 of Art Every Day Challenge

I am sorry but the machine seems to refuse to order this piece sorry if it is all over the place. I have tried 5 times and so l have now given up and left it as it is!!

Day 6...l am so enjoying this challenge. l really have been thinking about my art more and actually doing more!! So it is working! l am so glad l took the leap and decided to do these two challenges.
Below are the images l drew today in my sketch bk, which will be used for my silk painting pictures, cards and quilts. I just felt SOOOOOOOOOOO creative today. Can't wait till l start using these for my images tomorrow. I have added some colour into the writing because these............................. images are normally SO colourful, l hate to see just black and white drawing!!!silly but thats me!!.


I have no idea where the names for the sketchs come from...they just seem to pop into my head.
Sometimes l don't agree with my first choose but l try and stick with the first name as that is normally the one l end up with!
The first image is called Grumpy Fish. All my silkpainting is usually VERY bright and colouful. Hopefully over the weekend, some of these following images will be in on full colour!
The next image is called Singing Fish Master...why l have no idea except
that is the name that came into my mind, as l drew it!
This image is called Waiting?...For...?As l said idea why, except l rather like the tittle.Perhaps the fish are waiting to be feed because they are in a bowl or maybe they are waiting for the next wave!?

The next image is called Dance of the Jellyfish
I have just realised as l was typing that the fish in the right hand corner looks very angry..l wonder why?

This last image is called Trying to Catch A Star. It is the start of a series about my circle girl. If you look at the girl on the star, you will see what l mean. l had made a few of these dolls as actual dolls a few years ago. then l was quite miffted to see that dolls VERY similar to mine, were used in a advert on TV for Fabric softner!!!


  1. I enjoyed your sketches. I usually have problems with placing my photos with blogspot. I have decided it isn't worth the aggravation and just let it have its way! I love your penguins and they made me smile because they are my grown up daughters favorite animal/bird.

  2. Hi Lynda,

    I like black and white drawings so it was nice to see these. Do you have photoshop?

    It is great that you are doing these creative challenges - I have to have myself something to do too. Have a look on my blog as I've done a new post and there's an invite to a show at the Cannizaro - all welcome!!