Friday, November 13, 2009

FRIDAY 13th NOVEMBER 2009!!!!!

This is today's Art Challenge Piece. Earlier in the challenge, l did a pencil sketch entitled "Grumpy Fish". Here is the finished piece and an image of my workspace. I am quite pleased with it actually, for quite a few reasons.  Firstly, I have found it quite hard to get back to my silk painting, and then lcame back to Britain, l took my work to several galleries and was turned away because they were not ART but CRAFT!..I had just spent the last three years painting and selling my work in the Bahamas and couldn't keep up with the demand. I made the mistake of letting a couple of "snooty" gallery owners to decide the future of my Art! BIG mistake. Anyway l am back... on track ..... and ready to fight for my Art. Hope you like this piecex

For once my work table is quite tidy!!

This how the silk is stretched and  pinned to the frame. The pins have three spokes and are easy to use. The frame l have used is a soft wood picture frame, which l don't need any more. A LOT cheaper than the silk frames you buy in shops but just as good in my view.

The finished piece. When working, looking at or framing your work ALWAYS back it onto white paper or a white surface, as this brings the "brilliance" out of the colours.

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